Dj Livia Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Have?

DJ Livia was born in Chicago, Illinois, on June 23, 2007. As a member of The Chi-Town Finest Breakers, also called The Monster Kids, with her brothers, Dj Livia became well-known. Let’s discover the DJ Livia net worth and more about her life.

About Dj Livia

DJ Livia is a well-known DJ who was born in the United States on June 23, 2007. With her siblings, she became known as a member of The Chi-Town Finest Breakers, also called The Monster Kids. She has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Extra, and America’s Got Talent. Astrologers say that DJ Livia’s star sign is Cancer.

Henry and Saidy are her biological parents.

DJ Livia Net Worth

Dj Livia Career

Dj Livia, who calls herself a “Hip Hop DJ,” has been mixing and blending rhythms since she was seven. She dances with her five older siblings as part of the “Monster Kids,” also called the “Chi-Town Finest Breakers.”

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She has been on shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Extra, and America’s Got Talent. On the Spike TV show Lip Sync Battles, she was the DJ for Sarah Hyland of Modern Family.

Livia Borjas learned how to mix from her father, Henry Borjas, who also put together “Monster Kids.” Livia (Bgirl), Bgirl Spinderella, Bboy E-Fresh, Bboy Ozzy, Bboy Turbo, and Bgirl are all part of the group.

Also, Livia met Kim Kardashian when she was performing at North and Penelope’s birthday party on June 2, 2018. Kim and Livia took a selfie together, and Kim told Livia on Instagram that she loved her.

After playing at the combined birthday parties for North and Penelope, Livia tweeted a video of herself mixing songs from Kanye’s new album “Ye.” On June 5, Kanye posted the video on Twitter. At the birthday party, Kanye and Livia also posed for a picture.

Simon Cowell called DJ Livia and the Monster Kids “the coolest family in the world” after they tried out for America’s Got Talent in 2016. When she was only eight years old, DJ Livia was a guest on The Ellen Show.

She has also been on shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Extra, and America’s Got Talent. She was also in the movie Target Trolls.

Who Is Livia Dating?

Our records show that DJ Livia is probably single and has never been engaged. As of May 2022, Dj Livia isn’t dating anyone.

Relationships: We have no information about Dj Livia’s past relationships. You could help us find out when Dj Livia was born.

DJ Livia Net Worth

The Monster Kids

Today, DJ Livia is in the news because she and her brothers are in a band called The Monster Kids, which is also called The Chi-Town Finest Breakers. Livia calls herself a DJ. People also call the Monster Kids a dance squad.

Scroll down this blog to find out more about DJ Livia’s family, relationships, career, and more, as well as her net worth. Let’s look at what she’s done so far.

Age and Height of DJ Livia

In 2022, she will be 14 years old. Soon, her height and weight will change.

DJ Livia’s Parents

DJ Livia was born into her family and grew up there. Henry Borjas is her father’s name, and Saidy Borjas is the name of her mother. We don’t know what her parents do for a living. She has siblings, but we don’t know their names.

Race, Religion, and Ideological Beliefs of DJ Livia

A lot of people are interested in what DJ Livia’s race, country, ancestry, and ethnicity are. Let’s find out more about it, shall we? The public doesn’t know what DJ Livia’s race is, according to websites like IMDb and Wikipedia. In this post, we’ll tell you the latest news about DJ Livia’s political and religious beliefs.

How much money does DJ Livia have? DJ Livia is one of the richest DJs in the world and has been the most popular DJ. Based on what we found in our research and what Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider say, Dj Livia is likely worth about $2 million.

DJ Livia Net Worth

DJ Livia’s Professional Life

She started out in the music business as a rap artist when she was young. She is also a hip-hop DJ.

Her father taught her how to blend and mix rhythms, which are skills she uses in the mix.

She was on many different TV shows, like “America’s Got Talent(Twitter)” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Early Years and the Family of DJ Livia

On June 23, 2007, in the United States, Dj Livia came into the world. DJ Livia has ancestors from more than one race. Henry and Saidy, her parents, were happy to have her come into the world. Her family also includes children. Since she was a young child, DJ Livia has had a deep love for music.

Dj Livia’s childhood is going well because her parents give her a lot of attention and love. They are doing their best to meet all of DJ Livia’s needs so she can get what she wants. To put it another way, Dj Livia’s upbringing will definitely help her become famous and wealthy in the future.

Taking DJ Livia’s age into account, it is clear that she is still a student at the high school she went to before. DJ Livia, on the other hand, has not said where she is going to school right now.

DJ Livia Net Worth

How Much Money Does DJ Livia Have?

Net worth is the value of all of a person or company’s assets added together. In other words, your net worth is the sum of all your money. For DJ Livia, her net worth is the total of all of her assets.

So, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about DJ Livia lately and want to know how much money she has. If that’s the case, you can find the information you need on our website.

It is thought that DJ Livia is worth more than $2 million. She has a lot of money because she is a successful rapper, which is her main job. Even so, at 14 years old, it’s a lot of money for her.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DJ Livia?

Livia is a resident DJ at Unsound and one of the most popular people in Krakow’s club scene. She is a DJ and promoter, and she works with Radar, Chrono Bros, and Oramics.

Is DJ Livia From Chicago?

DJ Livia is a talented 10-year-old DJ from Chicago. She is the youngest member of the Monster Kids crew, but her skills behind the decks have already won her a lot of fans.

Where Is DJ Livia From?


The native of Kraków grew up at a time when drum & bass was the most popular music in the city, but after years of hard work as a DJ and promoter, it’s now about so much more. Olivia and her older brother were the first people to go to the famous local club Kanty. They “had to bribe bodyguards” and “sneak in through the fence.”

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