Who Is Lori Anne Allison? All About Johnny Depp’s First Wife

In February 2015, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tied the knot on his island in the Bahamas. Even though Johnny and Amber divorced in 2017, the couple’s love story has ended.

He lost his lawsuit against The Sun for defamation after an article called him “the wife-beater,” and he lost Amber’s lawsuit against The Sun for defamation after writing about her own experience with domestic abuse.

Then there was his first wife, Lori Anne Allison, and his long-term lover Vanessa Paradis, both of whom were gorgeous and brilliant ladies. In their 14 years of marriage, they produced two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, but the couple never officially married. Since he has a history of doing this, it looks odd.

There have been SIX engagements for the Pirates of the Caribbean star if you count Amber, making him the most-engaged actor in history. Here is a look at his previous arrangements, starting with Lori Anne Allison.

Who is Johnny Depp’s First Wife, Lori Anne Allison?

After meeting Lori Anne Allison in his band, The Kids, Captain Jack Sparrow became friends with her as a teenager. Allison was the bassist’s sister.

The pair chose to be married in 1983. In comparison to Allison’s 25 years, Depp was a mere 20. The two joined forces and moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of working in the music industry.

lori anne allison

As a result, Allison had to change her approach when she was diagnosed with partial deafness. The support of her pals Adam Ant and Christina Applegate helped her become a makeup artist in the film industry.


In 1992, she made her acting debut in Sunset Heat as a cosmetics artist. Cyber Bandits (1995) was one of her first roles after that.

Johnny Depp’s Other Relationships:

1. Lori Anne Allison, Make-Up Artist

Johnny Depp’s first wife was Lori Anne Allison. The pair married when he was barely 20 years old, and she was a makeup artist for her business. In 1986, after just over two years of marriage, the couple decided to call it quits and divorced.
Lori Anne Allison travelled to Los Angeles in the 1980s to pursue a career in the music industry – it has been said that she aspired to be a record producer at some point in her life.
Because of her friend Christina Applegate, Lori Anne Allison was able to get work as a television makeup artist after she lost hearing in her left ear. Additionally, Lori Anne Allison was the sister of Johnny Depp’s bassist and vocalist, Lori Anne Allison.

2. Sherilyn Fenn

During the filming of a student film called Dummies in 1985, Johnny and Sherilyn were introduced to each other after he had divorced Lori Anne Allison.

sherilyn fenn

In the movie Platoon, he even had Sherilyn’s name emblazoned on his helmet. After three and a half years of dating, they broke up again after becoming engaged.

3. Jennifer Grey

In 1989, Johnny was said to have been engaged to the star of Dirty Dancing. She married Clark Gregg in 2001, and the facts of their tryst remain hazy. What’s up?
Jennifer Grey
Though rumours claim she had impressed him with her dancing, we’re curious if they ever tried the D-D lift together.

4. Winona Ryder

Johnny got a tattoo that said “Winona Forever” as a tribute to Winona, whom he felt would last a lifetime. It was modified to Wino Forever when they split up in 1993, and he got it permanently inked on his body as a memory of Chardonnay.

Winona Ryder

5. Juliette Lewis

After splitting from Winona, Johnny and Juliette started dating. In addition, they reportedly got engaged but never made it down the aisle. There seems to be a trend here, don’t you think, John?

6. Kate Moss

However, even though they were not OFFICIALLY married, we can’t forget about the excellent Johnny and Kate. Moss has revealed in an interview about her relationship with Johnny:

Kate Moss

“There’s nobody that’s ever actually been able to take care of me. For a short period, Johnny was able to do so. I was convinced that he was telling the truth. He’d advise me what to do if I asked, “What should I do?”

Nightmare. This is what I’ve been missing since I left. I’d completely lost sight of everyone I could rely on. I’ve cried for a long time now. My eyes are watering just thinking about it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Was Johnny Depp Married to Lori Anne Allison?

The couple tied the knot in 1983, and although they were only married for two years, Allison introduced the star to Nicholas Cage, who helped him bag his ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ role. The 1984 horror film was an instant success catapulting Depp to stardom.

How Old Was Lori Anne Allison When She Married Johnny Depp?

She was a makeup artist, and the couple was married when Johnny was just 20 years old. It wasn’t to last for the couple, and they divorced after just over two years together in 1986.

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