Morgana McNelis Net Worth: What is Her Relationship with Charlie Hunnam?

Morgana McNelis is a successful actress, jewellery designer, and businesswoman from the US state of Georgia.

The British actor Charles Matthew Hunnam, who she has been with for a long time, is well-known. As Charlie Hunnam’s girlfriend, she is often talked about in the news.

The Early Life of Morgana McNelis

Morgana Mcnelis was born in the state of Georgia, United States, on July 9, 1983. The designer is of American ancestry and has lived most of his life as a Christian.

Similarly, she is 38 years old and her zodiac sign is Cancer as of 2021. Marina Milori is the younger sister of the designer. However, there is no information about her parents or childhood. She has always loved diamonds and had a deep interest in jewellery creation since she was a youngster.

She took her first jewellery class when she was 20 and learned about lost wax metal casting. After only a few months, the designer went to work as an apprentice for a skilled jeweller and metalsmith. She also learned how to make traditional fine jewellery and “everything a lapidary student would study.”

Morgana went on to take programs in art, fashion, and business. She thinks that figuring out what her strengths are outside of school helped her think and grow “outside the box.”

The Career Life of Morgana McNelis

Morgana began her professional career as a model in the fashion sector. After attending a jewellery-making class, he went on to become a metalsmith. She has developed unique ways over her work, which have now become her hallmark style.

Her first business endeavour was a jewellery boutique that she co-owned with her sister Marina Milori. Unfortunately, the store did not make a profit and was forced to close.

However, she learned a lot from this touching experience, and she understood she needed to be prepared for her future endeavours.


She then created her own jewellery brand, Maison de Morgana, in 2012, combining her fashion business background with jewellery design knowledge. She then showed off her “Black Magic 2012” jewellery collection, which includes rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces fashioned entirely of white bronze and high-quality brass.

Her jewellery has also been featured on the covers of magazines such as “Accessories Magazine,” “Red Book,” “British GQ Magazine,” and “US Weekly.” Although the Ottoman Empire and Ancient Egypt impacted her, she was influenced by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Riccardo Tisci. After the objects from her collection attracted the attention of Hollywood, she eventually became famous.

What is the Net Worth of Morgana McNelis?

It is estimated that Morgana has a net worth of somewhere between $1 and $5 million. The success of both her acting career and her jewellery company has contributed to her net worth.

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Morgana McNelis Relationship

Morgana McNelis is noted for her long-term relationship with Charlie Hunnam, the actor in Sons of Anarchy. Before Morgana found the love of her life, Charlie was healing from a two-year marriage to Katherine Towne that had ended in divorce.


In an interview, Charlie said that Morgana was a quiet woman who didn’t like to be the centre of attention. This made her even more attractive to him, he said.

Because Morgana likes to keep to herself, she hasn’t said how the two of them met, so the details are still a mystery. Every day, Morgana and Charlie fell more in love with each other, and on March 9, 2016, they got engaged.

After Charlie’s fans heard that he was getting engaged, they sent Morgana dozens of mean messages on social media.

Awards and Achievements of Morgana McNelis

Although Morgana McNelis has not yet been recognized by any notable organization in the form of awards, we have high expectations that she will be recognized with a significant amount of success in the years to come.

Although Morgana McNelis has not yet been recognized, we have high hopes that she will. In 2015, the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival honoured McNelis’s performance in the film “Acting 101” by nominating her for an award in that category. This nomination was McNelis’s first step toward winning the prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charlie Hunnam still dating Morgana McNelis?

Since 2005, “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam and his longtime girlfriend Morgana McNelis have been deeply in love with one another.

What brought Charlie Hunnam and Morgana McNelis together?

Hunnam and McNelis are both known to be supporters of sustainable gardening, so it’s probable they met at a farmer’s market. Another hypothesis is that they met through a local reading club.

What was Charlie Hunnam’s salary for Sons of Anarchy?

It’s worth mentioning that the actor had been constantly working in the years preceding up to his big break, so the $8 million he had when Sons of Anarchy finished wasn’t entirely derived from the show.

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