Young Dolph Net Worth: How Much Money Did He Leave for His Children?

If you want to know about the personal and professional life of your favourite Young Dolph, then it’s good news you are landing on the right page. In this article, we will explore the net worth of Young Dolph; how he become so famous, and many more!

Young Dolph was an American rapper, producer, and recording artist who was best known for his mixtape “Paper Route Campaign.” In 2016, he put out his first studio album, King of Memphis, which reached number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Name Adolph Robert Thornton Jr.
Birth July 27, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois
Profession Rapper, Producer and Recording Artist
Death November 17, 2021, due to gunshot
Relationship with Mia Jaye
Children Two Children- Tre Tre and Aria

Early Life of Young Dolph

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 27, 1985.  His family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, when he was two years old. He had two sisters and two brothers, and he was second cousins with the rapper Juice Wrld.

Young Dolph Net Worth

Thornton was raised by his grandmother. As a child, he rarely saw his parents because they were addicted to crack cocaine. Thornton went to Hamilton High School when he was a teen.

Young Dolph’s Career Journey 

From a young age, Dolph loved music. When his grandmother died in 2008, it hurt him very much. He turned to music and rapping as a way to say what was on his mind and how he felt.

The success of the mixtape made him want to learn more about the music world. Over the years, he released a number of other mixtapes and singles, such as “High-Class Street Music,” “A Time to Kill,” “Blue Magic,” “South Memphis Kingpin,” and “Felix Brothers.”

In 2015, he was a part of O.T. Genasis‘s hit song “Cut it,” which reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. “King of Memphis,” his first album, came out in 2016. The critics liked what they saw. It also did well in the business world, reaching number 49 on the US Billboard 200.

Young Dolph Net Worth

In April 2017, he put out his next album, called “Bulletproof.” It got to number 36 on the US Billboard 200. It had songs like “100 Shots,” “But I’m Bulletproof,” and “I Pray for My Enemies” that were released as singles.

He put out two more albums in the same year. They were called “Tracking Numbers” and “Thinking Out Loud.” The first one didn’t make any charts, but the second one got to number 16 on the US Billboard 200.

What was Young Dolph’s Net Worth?

Young Dolph at the time of his death had an estimated net worth of $3 million. They got all of their money from selling songs, albums, and mixtapes. They also got money from things like morning shows and events, where one of them made almost $1 million. Even so, he made money from the official Young Dolph YouTube channel.

He became well-known through social media. He was also popular on YouTube and Instagram. This person has a lot of fans who follow them on social media. They had already put out a number of albums, six of which will be part of the in-studio album. But in the music business, they had also put out nineteen mixtapes.


Young Dolph Murder

A lot of shots were fired at Young Dolph in Charlotte, North Carolina. Some reports say as many as 100 rounds were fired. He was in the hospital for two weeks while his wounds healed.

Some people thought that the attack had something to do with the rapper Yo Gotti. Yo Gotti was on the list of people of interest, but he was soon taken off the list.

Based on what happened, Young Dolph named his second album Bulletproof. Young Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 17, 2021. This was a very sad event.

Young Dolph’s Relationships, Family, and Girlfriend

Dolph hadn’t gotten married yet. For many years, he had been dating a local American girl named Mia Jaye. The two of them also had two sons and one daughter.

Young Dolph Net Worth

Young Dolph’s Physical Appearance

Young Dolph had a charming and dashing personality and was smart and good-looking. He has a dark skin tone, an average body build, good body measurements, and a rhomboid-shaped, muscular body type.

He was about 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 78 kilogrammes. Dolph had short, curly, black hair and dark brown eyes that are both beautiful and mesmerising.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many children does Young Dolph have?

Young Dolph had two children with his partner Mia Jaye: Tre Tre and Aria.

What was the cause of Young Dolph’s death?

Young Dolph was shot and killed.

Is there Young Dolph Street in the City of Memphis?

The city of Memphis gave the green light to rename a street after Thornton. The street’s name was changed to Adolph “Young Dolph” Thornton Jr. Avenue. It is at the corner of Dunn Avenue and airways boulevard, just east of Castilia Heights, where Dolph grew up, and not too far from where Dolph was killed.

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