Is KSI Dead After Losing Millions in Crypto?

KSI Dead: Many people are searching on the internet about KSI’s death? Still, it is a question.

You can find all of the information that you need, as well as the most recent KSI news, in this post.

Who is KSI?

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, better known by his stage name KSI, is a social media celebrity, actor, rapper, and boxer from the United Kingdom. His channel on YouTube goes by the name KSI. The viral phenomenon on YouTube was also a co-founder of the Sidemen, a YouTube group based in the United Kingdom.

KSI started his career on YouTube by uploading commentary videos for video games like FIFA and Modern Warfare 2. Since then, he has expanded his repertoire to include rapping videos, vlogs, and other material. According to Variety’s poll in 2015, KSI has voted the most influential celebrity among teens in the United States.

The reach of KSI’s impact is not limited to YouTube alone. The YouTuber is also pursuing careers in music, acting, and mixed martial arts in addition to his YouTube channel. In the year 2020, KSI released his first studio album, titled “Dissimulation.” The album reached its highest position on the Irish Albums Chart at number one, while it peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart. Additionally, KSI has participated in three bouts of boxing.

Is KSI Dead? How Did He Begin His Career?

KSI began his YouTube career at a young age. He launched his first YouTube account, “JideJunior,” in 2008, but his current channel debuted in 2009. He started making game commentary videos on his channel and eventually made a living from it while still in school.

To pursue his career, he dropped out of college. He recalled the time he made the decision in an interview: “I asked the teacher, ‘Should I leave?# ‘How much do you make from YouTube?’ he inquired, and I replied, ‘Around £1,500 every month.’ He told me he was only earning half that.”

Is KSI Dead

KSI began his YouTube account by uploading mostly gaming videos, primarily FIFA and Modern Warfare 2. Since its inception, these videos have helped his channel grow significantly, and he now has tens of millions of subscribers across both of his YouTube channels. His YouTube account now has a more diversified selection of videos, including comedy, rap, and vlogs.

In the United Kingdom, KSI has become the second most popular YouTube channel, while his second channel is the sixth most popular. He is also the most popular person of color on YouTube. In 2015, Variety named KSI the most influential star among US teenagers.

“I Am a Bellend,” “How to Be a Youtube Kingpin and Dominate the Internet,” and “The Sidemen Book” are three books written by the YouTuber.

KSI signed with RBC Records, a division of BMG Rights Management, in 2019 to further his music career both nationally and globally. “Dissimulation,” KSI’s debut album, was released in 2020. The album debuted at #2 on the Official UK Albums Chart and #1 on the Official Irish Albums Chart.

KSI has fought in three high-profile boxing matches in addition to his employment in the entertainment world. He fought Joe Weller and Logan Paul twice each. He defeated Joe, but when it came to Logan, he drew one match and won the other.

Is KSI Dead?

The rumor that KSI is dead has circulated over the internet. This isn’t the first time his death has come up in search results. However, while searching for answers to his most recent questions, the Youtuber created reaction videos for his channel.

His supporters may be expecting him to release another reaction video about it. This time, however, he lost a staggering sum of money after his 157,000 Luna crypto fell by over 99 percent.

Is KSI Dead

In addition to being a rapper, actor, composer, and combatant, this individual also has a YouTube channel. His last challenger in 2019, Logan Paul, whom he ultimately prevailed over by a split decision, has since joined him as a business partner. In the ring of today, however, competitors may be seen selling their own beverage brand, prime. According to the reports, they started dating sometime during this year.

On the other hand, they had both put money into the Luna. They were taken aback by the dramatic drop that it experienced in only one day.

The prominent British YouTuber and Rapper has been spreading the false rumor that KSI has passed away. The remark that KRSI made, in which he stated that he was now at peace as a result of admitting his losses in Crypto, has been misunderstood by a great number of people.


This is not the first time that he has suffered a financial setback in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Over the course of the Bitcoin crisis that occurred a year ago, he was forced to write down more than 7 million pounds of his wealth. It would seem that making money on YouTube is not very well-suited to functioning in the cryptocurrency industry.

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