Robin Williams Net Worth: How Much Money Did He Have When He Died?

Robin Williams Net Worth: When Robin Williams died at the age of 63, he had a net worth of $50 million.

On the 11th of August, 2014, Robin Williams passed away at 63. The character of alien Mork on “Mork & Mindy,” which aired from 1978 to 1982, made him an overnight sensation after he first became well-known as a standup comic in the 1970s.

As an actor, Williams has had one of the most illustrious careers in film history, beginning with the 1980s “Popeye.” At the global box office, Robin’s films brought around $3.7 billion. His films brought in more than $6 billion in worldwide box office revenue after adjusting for inflation.

What Was Robin Williams’s Childhood Like?

He was born on the 21st of July, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois, to Robin and Betty Williams. Williams was from a well-known family. His mother, Lauren, was a former New Orleans model and Robert’s father, a senior executive at Lincoln-Mercury Motors, was in charge of the Midwest region. When Robin was a teenager, he and his family relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the beginning, Robin was a quiet child who spoke little. Performing an almost perfect impersonation of his grandmother as a child was one of his only early indications that he might grow up to be a comic. Once he started taking part in school plays, he began to break out of his shell.

Since When Did Robin Williams Begin His Career?

After a while, Hollywood came calling, and he landed a recurring role on the sitcom “Happy Days” as the dim-witted alien “Mork.” So popular was Robin’s role that shows boss Garry Marshall decided to create a spin-off program focused only on Robin’s character.

It was “Mork & Mindy,” which aired for four seasons between 1978 and 1981, that was the subject of this article. For each episode of Mork, Robin was paid $35,000, which translates to $130,000 in today’s dollars.

Robin Williams Net Worth

After that, Robin capitalized on his newfound celebrity by directing three critically acclaimed HBO specials. “Popeye” and “The World According to Garp” were two of Robin’s earliest starring roles in feature films. As a humorous and dramatic actor, Robin appeared in more than a hundred films throughout the next three decades.

“Good Will Hunting,” “The Fisher King,” and “One Hour Photo” are just a few of his best-known dramatic appearances. “Hook,” “Jumanji,” and the hugely popular Mrs. Doubtfire are just a few of his other classics.

In fact, he was nominated and won an Oscar for his work in “Good Will Hunting” as well as “Good Morning Vietnam.”

What Was Robin Williams’s Net Worth?

Robin Williams was a popular and well-liked actor whose films earned approximately $5 billion in worldwide box office revenue. Despite this, he was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time of his death and was reputedly valued at roughly $50 million as a result of his several divorces.

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What Was Robin Williams’s Salary Status?

During the filming of “Bicentennial Man” in 1999, Robin received a $20 million payment, which was the greatest single payday he had ever received. Robin was paid only $75,000 for his voice work in the Disney film Aladdin, which is the minimum wage set by the Screen Actors Guild.

Aside from agreeing to accept the low fee, Robin stipulated two further conditions: that his character not be used to promote any items to minors, and that he would not be featured in more than 25 percent of the film’s commercials.

Disney later breached both commitments, causing Robin to refuse to work with the company for a long period of time after that. A Pablo Picasso picture was sent as an apology by Disney after several years, although Robin would not work with the company for many years after that, and only when the executive in charge had been gone.

How Much Property did Robin Williams own?

As recently as the early 2000s, Robin constructed a massive estate on 640 acres of land in the Napa Valley. Villa Sorriso is the name he gave to his estate (Villa of Smile). In 2012, he put the estate on the market for $35 million. He was unable to find any buyers. The home was sold for $18.1 million by his heirs in January of 2016.

Robin Williams Net Worth

The residence in which Robin died was located in the Paradise Cay community in Tiburon, California, at the time of his death. He passed away in November 2020, and his wife sold the house for $5,35 million. It had originally been listed for $7.25 million a year earlier.
Robin was a long-time resident of San Francisco’s Sea Cliff district, where she had a home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s it like to be Robin Williams in his personal life?

To Valerie Velardi (1978-1988), Marsha Garces (1989-2010), and Susan Schneider (2011-2016), Robin was married three times. His divorce settlements with his first two spouses reportedly totaled $30 million.

Robin Williams died tragically on August 11, 2014, at his home in Tiburon, California. He was 63 years old and allegedly depressed. In his second marriage, he had two children.

What did He leave For His Kids?

Robin set up trust funds for his kids. The trust documents stipulated that each child would get 1/3 at 21, half at 25, and the rest at 30. It didn’t require Robin’s death.

How did Robin Williams Die?

An autopsy found that Robin Williams had Lewy body dementia after his death by suicide on August 11, 2014, in his California home.

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