Paul Heyman to Be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame by Roman Reigns, Heyman Calls WrestleMania 40 a Perfect Storm!

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Heyman, who has been a member of the Special Council for Reigns and The Bloodline since the summer of 2020, will preside over the 2024 Hall of Fame inductees prior to WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia.

This is because of his connection to the city, which stems from his time as the ECW’s executive in the 1990s. Heyman, who had previously declined induction into the Hall of Fame, declared recently that his children’s “nagging” influenced his decision to accept this time.

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It was previously thought that someone who has previously worked with Heyman in the WWE, like CM Punk, or perhaps a former ECW star like Tommy Dreamer might be the one to induct “Paul E. Dangerously,” since Brock Lesnar is no longer an option.Reigns spoke on Heyman’s induction during a recent appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show”.

According to Paul Heyman, WrestleMania 40 is a Perfect Storm

Then, Paul Heyman was queried as to whether the moment had finally come, given that the ceremony was to take place in Philadelphia. He reaffirmed that Philadelphia was a component thereof. Heyman further stated that declining Triple H would be an act of disdain.

Paul Heyman to Be Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame by Roman Reigns, Heyman Calls WrestleMania 40 a Perfect Storm!

“That is why WrestleMania 40 is taking place in Philadelphia,” Paul Heyman confirmed. Furthermore, this marks Paul Levesque’s inaugural year as a Hall of Fame selector. If someone approached me and said, “I want you to be the first person I name as a Hall of Famer and speak in the first class,” I would be failing to honor Paul Levesque if I declined.

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I hold Paul’s tenure as the director of creative in the highest regard, as well as everything he has accomplished since getting that position. Therefore, intending to demonstrate reverence for Paul, the setting is Philadelphia, and the occasion is WrestleMania 40. For this, the heavens are in perfect alignment.

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