Masked Man Was the Reason for Forrie J. Smith’s Kicking of the Plane!

Forrie J. Smith, star of Yellowstone, asserted that he was “kicked off” a flight when he objected to being seated next to a person with a face mask. In the popular Paramount+ Western series, the 65-year-old actor plays Lloyd Pierce. He posted a video on Instagram on Sunday presenting his interpretation of what happened.

What Forrie J. Smith Said About the Incident

“I just got kicked off a plane in… where the hell am I at?” he asks, as someone off camera tells him of his current location. “Houston, Texas, because I told them I didn’t feel comfortable sitting next to somebody with a mask on.”

Smith went on to say, “Yeah, I’ve been drinking – I’ve been waiting in the airport for three hours, so yeah, I’m drinking – but I’m not drunk.

“They threw me off the plane because I was intoxicated, and you won’t get up and tell everyone what a bunch of bullshit this is. I basically told them I didn’t feel comfortable sitting next to someone who had to wear a mask, therefore I’m leaving the plane.”

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He added that he had been imbibing for approximately three hours while waiting at the airport, but he was not intoxicated. Despite this, some individuals commented on his post with the suggestion that the actor might have been ejected from the aircraft for being intoxicated.

Masked Man Was the Reason for Forrie J. Smith's Kicking of the Plane!

Others expressed perplexity as to why Smith objected to sitting next to an individual wearing a mask, further emphasizing that masks are sometimes worn for medical purposes. The 65-year-old was advised by additional commenters to “grow up” and “cease playing the victim.”

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Initially, neither the airport where Smith had disembarked nor the reason for his initial removal from the aircraft was specified. As of Monday morning, representatives from Houston Airports had not furnished any supplementary information.

In the meantime, November will see the premiere of Yellowstone’s second half of its fifth and final season. But the story won’t end there—Paramount has more spinoff shows in the works.

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