T-Ara Member Lee Areum Attempted Suicide, May Be Domestic Violence is the Reason!

It has been reported that former T-ara member Areum attempted suicide early in the morning of March 27 KST and was subsequently hospitalized.

According to a report by Osen, Lee Areum was committed to a medical facility for treatment after an endeavor to terminate her own life. The report contained no further details regarding her condition; however, it did indicate that the 29-year-old former K-pop idol had not regained consciousness despite being transported to the hospital and had left a suicide note.

Areum’s Strange Marriage and Divorce

Since his time as a T-ara member from 2012 to 2013, Areum has been engaged in a multitude of pursuits. She became a mother and wed an elderly businessman in 2019; the estranged couple has two sons. Nevertheless, her recent participation on ‘Between Marriage and Divorce’ unveiled the difficulties she has encountered during her matrimonial journey.

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The singer made a public declaration in December 2023 that she was divorcing her spouse. Following the conclusion of all legal proceedings, she stated that she would enter into matrimony with her present partner, Seo Dong-hoon, who is a film writer.

 T-Ara Member Lee Areum Attempted Suicide, May Be Domestic Violence is the Reason!

Dong-hoon also posted to his Instagram Story shortly after the information broke that Areum was hospitalized. “Your encouraging and positive communications are greatly appreciated,” he wrote. Kindly refrain from making superfluous or unusual contact requests to me; rather, do so sparingly. A person is unconscious and in agony… I fervently hope that Areum feels well.

Reports of Domestic Abuse

After Areum posted a long statement on social media on March 25 documenting her ex-husband Kim Young-gul’s alleged domestic abuse, word spread that she had attempted suicide. She uploaded a picture of herself with a ripped dress and scars all over her body and face along with the letter.

She has also bravely released pictures of her ex-husband abusing their child in recent times, along with upsetting pictures of her and her son’s bruises from domestic abuse. She also mentioned how someone had harmed her by posing as her and demanding money from others.

An outpouring of support and demands for more awareness of mental health concerns in the entertainment business have resulted from the claimed suicide attempt.

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