Barbie Hsu Made Allegations of Abuse and Cheating Against Wang Xiaofei After Ex-husband’s Court Appearance!

Barbie Hsu, 46, a Taiwanese celebrity, divorced Wang Xiaofei, her Chinese businessman spouse of ten years, in late 2021. A series of legal disputes followed, with Barbie initially initiating legal proceedings against Xiaofei for non-payment of alimony and subsequently submitting a second case against him for disclosing the faces of their two children on Douyin.

As things appeared to have returned to normal between the ex-couple, rumors circulated that Barbie was preparing to file another lawsuit against Xiaofei.

Barbie Hsu Reveals Allegations of Abuse and Cheating Amid Ongoing Legal Battle

Amid an ongoing legal dispute, the Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu has generated considerable controversy by leveling allegations of abuse and infidelity against her ex-husband, the businessman Wang Xiaofei. The narrative progresses in the midst of their public divorce, which was declared in November 2021 subsequent to eleven years of matrimony and the delivery of two offspring. Hsu entered into a subsequent matrimonial union with DJ Koo (Koo Jun Yup), a musician from Korea, in less than three months.

Barbie Hsu Made Allegations of Abuse and Cheating Against Wang Xiaofei After Ex-husband's Court Appearance!

Nevertheless, the consequences of their separation have been marked by a progressive escalation of discord, culminating in December 2022 when Wang openly disclosed their divorce decree, neglecting to disclose Hsu’s confidential personal data.

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Hsu’s Allegations Comes After Defaming Wang

The drama increased when Wang appeared in court in March 2024 to counterclaim against Hsu. He accused her of initially disclosing personal information on social media, tarnishing his reputation by claiming he failed to provide financial support to their family and used his credit card to buy luxury items worth approximately $376,000 for her current husband, DJ Koo, just four months before their divorce.

In response, Hsu adamantly rejected Wang’s allegations, instead revealing alarming allegations of abuses suffered during their marriage, such as physical violence and marital infidelity. Hsu’s claim that Wang physically abused her when she was pregnant is very serious.

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