Anime Mystery Box Review: The Otaku Box’s January 2024 Box

You’ve probably heard of subscriptions, but did you know there are anime subscription boxes, too?

The Otaku Box is an anime mystery box where various anime goods are sent to members monthly, according to their votes and subscription plans.

How It Works

1. Subscription

The first step is to visit the website to subscribe and customize your plan. The Otaku Box is a fanservice-oriented anime box, and you can choose between receiving a cute mini figure, a sexy scale figure, or censored or NSFW items (ecchi version) — check the website for updated pricing.

Another optional item is the anime t-shirt, which can be included in your subscription for an additional price.

2. Voting

The Otaku Box has a unique voting system. Subscribers are encouraged to vote regularly for their favorite anime and waifus (attractive female anime characters), and the ones that win are featured in upcoming boxes.

3. Enjoy!

After subscribing and voting, you only have to wait for your anime mystery box! Once a month, you’ll receive a box with at least five items, including a collectable card, a wall scroll, and an anime figure!

The Otaku Box: January 2024 Review

As mentioned above, the content of each box varies according to each subscriber’s preferences. In January 2024, the set of anime goods included the following!

Mini Figure: Haikyuu!!

These PVC mini-figures are sent randomly, and each subscriber gets one. They aren’t from any famous or expensive brands, but they are quite cute and family-friendly (unlike some of the other spicier anime merch in the box).

Anime Shoelaces (Exclusive Item)

Shoelaces aren’t the most usual anime merch to see around, and maybe that’s what makes them so fun! They have a bold yellow color with patterns resembling Zenitsu from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba!

RPG Dice Set (Exclusive Item)

This set of see-through dice was created by The Otaku Box exclusively for January’s boxes. Some have a number replaced with tiny busts of anime girls, and they come in a nice fabric bag.

Metal Waifu Card (Exclusive Item)

Another item designed by The Otaku Box was this metal card. It’s the first of a new series of collectible items featuring the TOP waifus among subscribers. It comes in a protective pack, and I honestly didn’t have the heart to remove it and risk damaging it.


Wall Scroll: Yor Forger (This Item Has a NSFW Version!)

By NSFW, I mean partial nudity (showing mainly the upper body!). And like most items sent in the anime boxes, this wall scroll is custom. It’s a fabric wall scroll, and subscribers defined the art through votes.

From the image above, the “safe” version already has a small panty shot, and whoever opts for a box with mature content receives an even more revealing scroll.

Regardless of the version, the art itself is adorable!

Waifu Card #49: Aqua (This Item has a NSFW Version!)

Another collectable card that features an anime girl and comes with a nudity option—this paper card shows a character with interesting information about who they are on the back. The art emphasizes her bust, and as you can imagine, the ecchi version shows even more skin.

Anime T-Shirt: 02

Votes directly influence this anime merch, as subscribers choose the art to be printed on t-shirts every month. In January, the design featured Zero-Two from the anime Darling In The FRANXX. She is the same girl from the metal card!

The shirt is stylish and cute, and the vinyl printing brightens the colors. Just be careful when washing this to prevent the print from peeling off.

1:9 Scale Anime Figure: Ice Queen

The Otaku Box also designed this anime figure as a result of subscriber votes. It features the character Esdeath from the anime Akame Ga Kill, who already has a provocative design. This figure looks way friendlier than the original character, and the chest area is emphasized (fanservice!).

VIP Item: Arifureta (Yue) Button

This is a bonus item for subscribers that have reached VIP level and receive exclusive merch! In January’s boxes, customers who “unlocked” this bonus received a button with an image of the character Yue from the show, “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest.”

Extra: Controller Skins

Three stickers for different controllers (PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Pro) that were part of the items from December 2023 boxes were sent again in January. Each one features an anime girl: Nezuko (Demon Slayers), Lucy (Cyberpunk: Roadrunners), and Zero-Two (Darling In The FRANXX).

Extra: “Sorry!” Card

There was one extra card to apologize for the issues with the controller skins in previous boxes. But instead of a waifu, this card features Liz herself!


Overall, the anime merchandise from The Otaku Box is suitable for every anime fan. With options for people interested in general anime or mature content, and the opportunity to vote for characters and shows you like, there’s something to enjoy for every otaku!

All items were high quality and individually packed. The apology card gave a warm touch to the box. I don’t remember the last time I saw a company actively trying to make up for a mistake (at least not without many complaints on social media). These are the kind of small details that make a big difference in the experience!

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