5 Best GTA RP Servers in 2024: A Guide for Beginners and Veterans

5 Best GTA RP Servers in 2024: After Rockstar Games bought the FiveM (Cfx. re) framework in August 2023, GTA 5 Roleplaying became more well-known. Once that happened, a lot of new people joined RP servers to see how it was. The game company has an official multiplayer mode called Grand Theft Auto: Online, but the RP servers are different and provide a more realistic online experience.

But another important thing to do is find a good RP source. Here is a list of the five best GTA 5 RP sites you can join in 2024.

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You can try these five well-known GTA 5 RP Servers in 2024.

1) NoPixel

NoPixel is without a doubt one of the most well-known names on the list of the best GTA 5 RP sites. The server was recently changed from NoPixel 3.0 to NoPixel 4.0 by the creator. The server’s main website says that there are currently more than 480,000 members. A lot of famous people, streamers, and gamers can often be found on the NoPixel site.

But the process of joining is very boring and can take a while. People want it a lot because it’s one of the most popular RP sites. So, the developers set up different ways for people to get in so that they could pick their path whenever it was easiest for them.

You can apply for entry for free and wait for approval, or you can pay to become a member and get in faster.

2) GTA Series Arcade

When it comes to role-playing games, the GTA Series Arcade is different from other sites. The popular FiveM-based Roleplaying server is mostly about arcade-style games, as the name suggests. Every week there are different tasks, such as races, obstacle courses, mini-games, and more.

5 Best GTA RP Servers in 2024

It’s easy for new players to join because it’s a brand-new server. A well-known Grand Theft Auto YouTuber called GTA Series Videos takes care of the server. You can also get great bonuses from the creator if you buy their game bundles. The server also has a Content Creator tool that you can use to make your game types.

3) BlueBird RP

The BlueBird RP is an Australian server, but people from all over the world are welcome. A lot of well-known players and streamers live on the popular GTA Roleplaying server1. It gives you a list of legal companies and jobs you can do to help the server economy. Civilian, Police Officer, Ambulance/Paramedic, and Firefighter are some of the jobs.

You can also look for daily-wage jobs to make money to live on. Up to 300 people can play on the same server at the same time, and their combined efforts help the game world run. New players can also join the BlueBird RP server as long as they agree to the 26 rules and any extra warning notes.

4) CityLife RolePlay

People who like to role-play seriously should start with CityLife RolePlay as one of their first GTA RP sites. It has many game types and membership tires that you can choose from on your own. It costs different amounts to become a citizen at each level. The more money you spend, the better the game will be for you.

The developer also sells limited-edition cars, skill boosters, items, and a lot of other things that can be bought. You can make a lot of changes to how you play. To stay on the server, though, each user must also follow all 21 rules.

5) EchoRP

The main thing that makes the EchoRP server stand out is that it has a balanced economy in-game. Most other role-playing servers offer similar games with a few small tweaks here and there.

Grand Theft Auto Online is known for charging ridiculous amounts of money for even the simplest things. EchoRP gets rid of that, so players can enjoy the game without having to grind all the time.

The GTA 5 RP gameplay server’s main website says that it has over 45,000 members right now. The server is run by the community and has many cool features, like custom scripts, realistic car handling, and unique clothes.



Rockstar Games’ acquisition of the FiveM framework in August 2023 has led to a surge in GTA 5 Roleplaying, attracting new players to join RP servers. Here are five top GTA 5 RP sites to join in 2024:

1. NoPixel, with over 480,000 members, offers a realistic online experience.
2. GTA Series Arcade, a popular FiveM-based server, offers arcade-style games and offers bonuses for game bundles.
3. BlueBird RP, an Australian server, welcomes players from around the world.
4. CityLife RolePlay offers various game types and membership tires, with varying costs for each level.
5. EchoRP, with a balanced economy in-game, offers a more enjoyable experience with custom scripts, realistic car handling, and unique clothing.

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