Minecraft Legends Development Ends: What’s Next for the Minecraft Universe?

Minecraft Legends Development Ends: Fans of Minecraft Legends are in for some bad news: Mojang has stopped working on the action-adventure game. As of today, less than a year after the game’s release, work on it has stopped.

Minecraft Legends was first shown off at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcases in 2022. It came out the next year, on April 18, 2023. The spin-off game for Minecraft took the series in an RTS-like way and let players control different mobs from the original game.

Some people thought the idea was good, but many others thought the execution fell short. The gameplay and AI in Minecraft Legends were criticized for not living up to standards. It’s too bad that the game’s short time of support is over with its most recent update.

As of January 10, Mojang stopped supporting Minecraft Legends. The news came from a blog post that talked about a new Lost Legends update. The post says that the developer is going to “take a step back from development.”

This is a bad sign because it means the game will not get any new material, like Lost Legends or Marketplace DLC. On the other hand, the post said that players can get one more free item: the Bright-Eyed Hero skin is in the Minecraft Legends Marketplace.

What is Minecraft Legends’ Free Skin Called?

Bright-Eyed Hero skin

Minecraft Legends Development Ends

Even though work on the game is coming to a stop, players did get some new content to start 2024. Mojang talked about a new Lost Legend called Snow vs. Snouts in the same blog post. The developer also said that the game will still be played and that no features will be lost. In the future, people will still be able to play PvP and co-op.

Even though 3 million people played Minecraft Legends in the first two weeks after it came out, the fact that it is no longer being developed does not come as a total surprise. It would be hard to match the success of the original Minecraft, but Minecraft Legends has had some problems and complaints since it came out.

On Steam, the game has a mixed rating of reviews. The creators have been working on making the game better for nine months now. However, these changes were not enough to keep the game being worked on after its first birthday.

This news comes just a few months after Minecraft Dungeons stopped getting help for new features. This game, like Minecraft Legends, was based off of the very popular original Minecraft.

Developer Mojang has already said that there will be new material for the open world of Minecraft. However, it remains to be seen what other games based on the franchise might be made in the years to come.



Minecraft Legends, a spin-off game for Minecraft, has been discontinued by Mojang, less than a year after its release. The game, which was initially praised for its RTS-like gameplay and AI, has faced criticism for its execution.

Despite this, players can still enjoy the game’s PvP and co-op modes. The game has faced mixed reviews on Steam, and Mojang plans to continue improving the game for future releases.

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