G Flip Net Worth: How They Earned Their Millions from Music and More?

G Flip Net Worth: We all know Georgia Claire Flipo as G Flip. They made a name for themselves in the music business in 2019. The artist from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has been on top of the charts in his home country ever since with hits like “About You,” “Killing My Time,” and “Bring Me Home.” But G Flip’s life after making noise in the U.S. is now a big deal.

The public learned more about G Flip’s personal life in 2022. When the Selling Sunset got a part as G Flip’s love interest in a music video, they started dating Chrishell Stause. The couple said on Instagram in May 2023 that they were married after being together for a year.

It wasn’t a surprise to many fans who have been following G Flip and Chrishell on social media that they got married. We know Chrishell can afford to live the way she does, but can her musically inclined boyfriend also pay for their ride into the sunset?

Who is G Flip?

Georgia Claire Flipo is an Australian singer, songwriter, producer, drummer, and artist from Melbourne, Victoria. She goes by the stage name G Flip and is sometimes just called “G.” About Us, their first studio record, came out on August 30, 2019.

G Flip Early Life and Education

Our Lady of the Assumption Primary School (OLA) in Cheltenham, Victoria, was Georgia Claire Flipo’s first school. She then went to Star of the Sea College in Brighton, Victoria, and graduated in 2011.

G Flip Net Worth

G Flip’s Net Worth

G Flip has a big following online. They have 348,000 fans on Instagram and the coveted blue check. Their wealth may come from the fact that they tour a lot. Several sources say that G Flip’s net worth is between $5 and $7 million.

When they were 9, G Flip was already interested in music, especially drums. They became interested in music after their uncle gave them a “little blue drum kit.” Even though they tried not to cry about the nice thing that was done, G Flip told the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) that it made them want to become famous even more.

Quickly, G Flip became known as an artist to keep an eye on in Melbourne. In their early years, they played lead drums in a band called EMPRA. The band played shows here and there, and G Flip made money by taking drum classes in between shows.

By 2016, the artist was ready to go out on his or her own and start a solo career. In a tweet, they said that after the band broke up, they “spent the past year locked away writing and producing in my bedroom.” Their hard work paid off with their first song, “About You.”

Pitchfork said the song went global and helped G Flip’s career take off. Their first studio album, “About Us,” came out in 2018 and was based on the song. They have kept putting out songs like “Be Your Man” and “Gay 4 Me” in 2022 and 2023.

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In 2018, G Flip Debuted on the Music Scene

Fans met G Flip through Chrishell Stause not long ago, but the artist has been known since around 2018. The Australian singer, whose real name is Georgia Flipo, has tour dates planned through 2023 and is already well-known in the music world.

G Flip Net Worth

Okay, so some of G Flip’s newer songs are about their friendship with Chrishell. But it’s not new to sing about love. G Flip’s author bio on Apple Music talks about how good the singer is at playing guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. It also says that their music is known for “relatable songs about the ups and downs of young love.”

G Flip became “big” in 2018, but they began their career much earlier, in 2015, as a drummer and singer for a rock band. G Flip is more into pop these days.

In Australia, the Musician Has Been Recognized for Several Awards

Even though G Flip is becoming more popular in the U.S., the singer is already a big deal in their home country of Australia. They have a lot of fans all over the world and have won a lot of awards for their work.

Three ARIA Award entries were made for G Flip’s first album, “About You,” one year after they went solo in 2018. If you don’t know, the ARIAs are like the Grammys in Australia, so it’s a big deal! The band was nominated for breakthrough act and independent release for their album, as well as best video for their song “Drink Too Much.”

G Flip announced on Instagram in May 2023 that they would be leading a 24-city tour in the U.S. and Canada. This showed that they were ready to take over the charts in those countries. Many people who commented on the post said they hoped their wife, Chrishell, would show up at a few places.

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G Flip, an Australian singer, songwriter, producer, drummer, and artist, gained fame in 2019 with hits like “About You,” “Killing My Time,” and “Bring Me Home.” In 2022, she started dating Chrishell Stause, who they married in May 2023.

G Flip has a large online following and a net worth of between $5 and $7 million. They started their career as lead drums in a band called EMPRA and released their first studio album, “About Us,” in 2018.

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