Is Isaac Rivera Gay? What His Mom Kailyn Lowry Has to Say

Is Kail Lowery’s Son Isaac Gay? Isaac Elliot Rivera, Kail Lowry’s son, has been in the public eye since he was born. He has grown up right in front of our eyes, handling the challenges of being a teenager with style and a sense of fun.

Isaac was born on January 18, 2010, after Lowry dated Jo Rivera in high school. His life has been shown on Teen Mom 2.

Even though they’ve had problems in the past, Lowry and Rivera have grown into caring co-parents who attend each other’s important events.

People say that Isaac, who is now a teenager, has a lot of different hobbies. He likes to play musical instruments and wants to be a writer like his mother.

Reports are going around about Isaac’s sexuality, so it’s important to learn more about his story and separate facts from rumors to get to the bottom of this young and interesting person.

Is Kail Lowery’s Son Isaac Gay?

Isaac Rivera, Kail’s son, hasn’t said anything about being gay yet, but it’s important to remember that he’s still very young—he turns 14 next month.

Is Kail Lowery's Son Isaac Gay?

It’s best not to guess what his sexuality is because you want to respect his privacy and know that labels might not fit him at this point in his life.

Isaac Rivera and Kail Lowry have a friendship where they are honest and open about personal things.

On a funny note, Isaac told his mom to “Use a C**d*m Before You Wind Up With Another Kid” earlier this year when he found her collection of s*x toys.

Isaac has grown up in the public eye, and Kail’s latest Instagram post about him getting his braces off got a lot of good feedback. A lot of people like Isaac, and the comments were full of nice things to say about his trip.

Some people think Isaac might come out as gay later in life, but it’s important to stress that these rumors are not based on anything until Isaac himself says something about it.

One Reddit user was hopeful that Kail would be helpful in this situation because she is smart and accepts her kids for who they are. If Isaac doesn’t want to tell the truth, it’s best to stay away from stories and respect his journey.

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Isaac Had a Girlfriend in 2020

In 2020, Kail Lowry shared an interesting fact about her oldest son’s love life on an episode of her show, “Baby Mamas, No Drama,” which she co-hosted with Vee Torres, who is the stepmother of her son Isaac. It was a surprise when Torres said that their daughter Vivi told everyone that Isaac had a girlfriend.

Is Kail Lowery's Son Isaac Gay?

Torres wrote about the event in a lively conversation: “Vivi told me the other day that she was like, ‘Mami, I have to tell you something but you can’t say anything.'” “Isaac told me he has a girlfriend,” she said. In reaction, Kail said, “It’s news to me, too.” This showed a mix of surprise and interest.

Even after the reveal, Torres couldn’t get Vivi to say much more about the mystery partner. “I don’t know who she is; I tried to get details, but she wouldn’t tell me!” she said funnily.

It looks like Vivi was good at keeping secrets because she only told them that they go to the same school. It looks like some things are supposed to stay secret in the world of teen dating!

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Isaac Elliot Rivera, born in 2010, is a teenager who has grown up in the public eye. He has a close friendship with Kail Lowry, who is open about his personal life. Isaac has not yet revealed his sexuality, but rumors suggest it might be true.

In 2020, Kail Lowry revealed that Isaac has a girlfriend, which surprised her stepmother, Vee Torres. Despite the revelation, Vivi, Isaac’s stepmother, has kept the details a secret, indicating that some things are supposed to stay secret in teen dating.

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