Is Ben Cohen Gay? The Truth About His Sexual Orientation

Is Ben Cohen Gay? Ben Cohen’s name is linked to both his skill on the rugby field and his commitment to fighting homophobia in the worlds of sports and politics.

Cohen is a former English rugby player who started his professional career with Northampton Saints in 1996. He later made a big splash when he helped England win the Rugby World Cup in 2003.

Cohen kept his promise to make the world a better place after he retired from professional rugby in May 2011. He started The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation to fight racism and bullying.

While the gossip mill has been busy, people have been talking about Cohen’s sexuality. Let’s look into the facts and see if Ben Cohen is gay to find out what the rumors are really about.

Who is Ben Cohen?

Ben Christopher Cohen, MBE, is an English politician who used to play rugby. In 1996, he started his professional career with Northampton Saints. In 2007, he went to France to play for Brive. Two years later, he came back to England to join Sale Sharks.

Cohen was on the English team that won the Rugby World Cup in 2003. His main job was as a winger. Cohen gave up professional rugby in May 2011. He started The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation to fight bullying and homophobia.

Ben Cohen Early years

Cohen was born in Northampton. He went to Kingsthorpe Upper School for school. As it is now known, Kingsthorpe College was not a rugby-playing school. He started playing rugby with Northampton Old Scouts RFC when he was 12 years old.

Cohen has said about his family history, “My family isn’t Jewish now, but they used to be a few generations ago.” I believe it was my great-grandfather who went against the rules and married a girl who wasn’t Jewish.

Is Ben Cohen Gay?

Not at all, Ben Cohen is not gay. There have been a lot of stories about Ben Cohen’s sexuality, but the evidence doesn’t support them.

Cohen is a beloved gay icon and a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. However, his support doesn’t match up with a personal discovery about his sexuality.

People thought Cohen was gay because he always supported the team, and his features on magazine covers, like in July 2011 for Compete Magazine and August 2011 for Out, may have added to that idea.

He was even given the honor of being inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame in 2013.

Cohen’s support for LGBTQ+ causes goes beyond what is publicly known. For example, he gave a signed jockstrap to GMFA, a British organization that works to improve the health of gay men.

He is also very dedicated to fighting bullying, especially homophobia, through The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.

But it’s important to note that Ben Cohen has not openly said that he is gay. The fact that he has dated women in the past supports the idea that he is straight.

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Does Ben Cohen Have a Wife?

No, Ben Cohen is not married right now, but he is in the middle of a relationship. Hello magazine announced in November 2022 that Cohen was going to marry Kristina Rihanoff. He already has a daughter with Rihanoff, who was born in 2016.

They asked each other to marry them while they were on vacation at the beautiful Soneva Fushi island resort. Still shocked, Kristina said:

“I’ve never been so shocked in my life.” We had talked about getting married one day, but I had no idea that Ben was making plans for this. I was moved to tears and said, “Yes, yes, and yes” right away.”

The beautiful setting and careful planning by the resort staff made the moment truly unforgettable for the pair.

Ben Cohen was married to Abby Blayney from 2003 to 2008 and had twin girls with her. He then found love again. But they hadn’t talked to each other since 2014, and they got split in March 2016.


Ben Cohen, an English rugby player and politician, is known for his commitment to fighting homophobia in sports and politics. Cohen’s support for the LGBTQ+ community goes beyond his public appearances, with his contributions to GMFA and the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.

He has dated women in the past, supporting the idea that he is straight. Cohen is currently in a relationship with Kristina Rihanoff, who he met during a vacation at the Soneva Fushi island resort.

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