Is Bon Clay Gay? Exploring His Sexuality and Identity in One Piece

Is Bon Clay Gay? Bentham, whose real name is Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, is an interesting character from the world of One Piece. He has a special power that lets him change into anyone he touches with his right hand.

For fans, though, the fact that he works with the crime group Baroque Works in an unusual way often gets their attention.
Most pairs are male and female, but Bon Clay works alone and with himself, which is how he got the names Mr. 2 and Bon Kurei.

Many fans of One Piece are now asking if Bon Clay is gay because of this new information. We will look into the character’s past and personality traits in this piece to find out the truth about his sexuality.

Is Bon Clay Gay?

Bon Clay is an Okama. Also called Mr. 2 In the world of One Piece, Bon Kurei is a figure who goes against gender and sexual norms.

In the show, he is often called a “okama,” which is a Japanese word for gay men who act girly, drag queens, and transgender women.

Different translations of the series have given different ideas about who Bon Clay is, such as calling him a crossdresser, a dancer, or just “okama.”

Is Bon Clay Gay?

Bon Clay’s claim that he is both a man and a woman makes him an even more interesting figure. His codename in the Baroque Works group shows that he has two different identities.

Other male leaders go by names like “Mr. 5” or “Mr. 3,” but Bon Clay calls himself “Mr. 2.” He also goes by the name “Bon Kurei,” which comes from a holiday, just like the codenames of other female Baroque Works officials.

This unusual name emphasizes Bon Clay’s unique role in the company since he doesn’t have a partner like the other leaders who work in pairs.

Some fans on sites like Reddit have said that Bon Clay might not be a man or a woman. This is part of a larger conversation about his sexuality and gender identity.

It fits with what we know about the character from his codenames, which show how his identity is fluid and how standard gender roles are blurred.

In the end, Bon Clay’s character goes against the usual rules of the One Piece world, which leads to interesting discussions about identity and how people are portrayed in popular media.

More Information About the Character Bon Clay From One Piece!

To get an improved understanding of Bon Clay’s personality, let’s look at some important parts of his journey in the One Piece series:

1. Loyalty and Friendship

One thing that makes Bon Clay unique is his dedication to Luffy and the Straw Hat crew. He puts his life at risk many times to help his friends, and his close relationships with other people go beyond sexuality. Bon is ranked ninth on GameRant’s list of Luffy’s best friends.

Is Bon Clay Gay?

2. Okama Island

Bon Clay is from Okama Island, which is home to people who live the Okama way of life. This word is used to describe transgender and cross-dressing people.

The way Okama Island and its people are portrayed brings up issues of representation, but it also shows how the world of One Piece has many different cultures and societies.

3. Ivankov and the Land of the Newkame

The character Emporio Ivankov is the Queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom, which is inhabited by Newkama, which is a name used in One Piece to refer to people who live the Okama way of life.

The fact that Bon Clay and Ivankov are friends and have a past together makes his character more complex.

4. Showing your gender

The bright clothes and makeup that Bon Clay wears are a big part of who he is. These unique ways of expressing himself go against gender norms and standards, but they don’t only show that he is gay.



Bon Clay, also known as Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, is a unique character in One Piece who goes against gender and sexual norms. He works with the crime group Baroque Works, where he works alone and with himself.

Bon Clay’s codenames, including “Mr. 2” and “Bon Kurei,” highlight his fluid identity and the blurred lines between gender roles.

His dedication to Luffy and the Straw Hat crew, his connection to Okama Island, and his relationship with Emporio Ivankov further complicate his character. His unique clothing and makeup also suggest his sexuality.

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