Is Elsa Gay in Frozen 3? Separating Fact from Fiction About Her Sexuality

Is Elsa Gay in Frozen 3? Many people are wondering if Elsa is gay in Frozen 3, even though Elsa’s sexuality hasn’t been proven in the franchise yet. One idea says that Elsa’s love interest may have been introduced in Frozen 2.

Because of how well she gets along with Elsa, Honeymaren, a member of the Northuldra tribe who was trapped in the Enchanted Forest by the curse, could come back for Frozen 3 as her lover.

LGBTQ+ people have been able to relate to Elsa’s story since the movie Frozen came out. As a Disney princess, she has goals other than finding a prince, doesn’t follow social rules, and goes on a journey to accept herself.

Fans have been asking Disney to reveal Elsa’s sexuality since 2016 when the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend went viral. The company still hasn’t said that Elsa is gay, which makes the question “Is Elsa going to be gay in Frozen 3?” even more important.

Since Honeymaren and Elsa both have a link to nature, it would make sense for Frozen 3 to explore her new role as the fifth spirit. She could then become Elsa’s love interest. If Disney did this, it might also be a small step in the right way for how they show LGBTQ+ people in their movies.

Why Honeymaren Would Be a Perfect Partner for Elsa in Frozen 3?

Now that everyone is asking, “Is Elsa gay in Frozen 3?” it’s a great time to talk about why Honeymaren would make a great partner. Honeymaren seems to connect with Elsa right away, which is different from all the other small characters in the Frozen movies.

After Elsa tames the fire spirit, Bruni, she, and Honeymaren sit by a campfire and talk about what the work on Iduna’s scarf means. Honeymaren tells Elsa about the stories of a fifth elemental spirit, which is shown by the crystal in the middle of the snowflake. She says that the four separate crystal branches on the snowflake reflect the four elements.

Is Elsa Gay in Frozen 3?

As Honeymaren talks about Ahtohallan and sings Iduna’s lullaby “All Is Found,” it’s clear that the two characters connect over their love of nature and Northuldra background.

This has led many people to wonder, “Is Elsa going to be gay in Frozen 3?” Elsa has always had a hard time letting other people into her life because she’s afraid that her elemental magic will hurt someone. Her instant bond with Honeymaren could be the start of a romantic relationship in the future.

Being that Elsa and Honeymaren both live in the Enchanted Forest by the end of Frozen 2, it makes sense that they would become a couple in Frozen 3.

Elsa finds her calling as the intermediary between nature and people when she learns she is the fifth spirit. Because Elsa knows her true home is in nature, she gives up her throne and moves to the Enchanted Forest to live with the elemental spirits and use natural magic.

Honeymaren is from the Northuldra people, so it’s likely that she will stay with them in the Enchanted Forest even after the curse is broken at the end of Frozen 2. This is because the Northuldra people value nature and what the spirits teach them.

Anyone else who is thinking, “Is Elsa gay in Frozen 3?” can look at the first time Elsa and Honeymaren meet and see how it reminds them of the beginning of Anna and Kristoff’s relationship. When Anna and Kristoff met for the first time, Kristoff led Anna up the North Mountain.

When Honeymaren teaches Elsa stories about the fifth spirit, she is also her guide, even though she doesn’t know it. In both cases, Anna and Elsa’s possible love interests helped them in very important ways. If Honeymaren became interested in Elsa in Frozen 3, she could continue to help Elsa with her understanding of nature, the elemental spirits, and Northuldra folklore.

Why Would Elsa’s Sexuality Not Make Up for Disney’s Bad LGBTQ+ Record?

Fans would like Disney to give a straight answer to the question “Is Elsa gay in Frozen 3?” If Disney confirms that Elsa is gay and gives her a relationship with someone like Honeymaren in Frozen 3, that would be a step in the right direction, but it wouldn’t be nearly enough on its own.

When it comes to LGBTQ+ representation, Disney has a terrible track record. The company has also had terrible reactions to real-life problems. When Florida passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, for example, Disney got a lot of negative feedback from its workers because it didn’t immediately condemn the bill.

Is Elsa Gay in Frozen 3?

What if Frozen 3 answers “yes” to the question “Is Elsa going to be gay in Frozen 3?” by giving her a girlfriend? That won’t make up for Disney’s (at best) inconsistent past position on gay rights.

In the same way, Elsa getting a girlfriend would have to be treated correctly and turned into a real, developed relationship, not just a showy moment. Disney will have to get it right no matter what happens with Elsa’s story in Frozen 3, especially since the company recently failed with its latest LGBTQ+ characters.

LGBTQ+ Characters in Frozen 3 Could Change Disney’s Financial Situation

It was promised by Disney that they would show more LGBTQ+ characters, and they kept their word by adding the strong-willed commanding officer Alisha Hawthorne to the prequel film Lightyear and the daring teen Ethan Clade to Strange World.

The problem is that both of these movies did badly at the box office, which tainted the long-awaited successes of exposure so much that people were wondering if Lightyear’s failure would mean that Disney would have to scrap its plans for LGBTQ+ films. That thankfully didn’t happen.

Ethan was the next publicly gay Disney character to appear in a movie. His character is important, but Strange World also didn’t do well.

However, the Frozen series has been a huge hit. If the answer to “Is Elsa gay in Frozen 3?” is “yes,” then Disney might be able to change its current luck with LGBTQ+ representation. Aside from her sexuality, Elsa is a well-known character, and since the first two movies in the series were hits, it’s almost certain that Frozen 3 will be too.

If Disney finally says something about Elsa’s sexuality, she could be the first popular LGBTQ+ Disney character. The LGBTQ+ community deserves the kind of attention that Frozen 3 could give them.

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