How To Style And Care For The Popular Curtain Bangs Hair Trend

Your Complete Guide To Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are having a significant moment, with celebrities embracing the face-framing fringe. When cut correctly, the bangs effortlessly sculpt and soften features. However, choosing the right length and style for your face shape is crucial.

These bangs also demand a bit of styling finesse to look their best. The wrong part or application can make them fall flat or look messy. Read on for pro advice on selecting gorgeous curtain bangs tailored to you and expert tips on keeping them looking chic daily.

  • Evaluate Your Hair Texture And Density

Fine, silky hair lays best for curtain bangs, as it resists pouting or frizzing. Medium to thick density provides excellent volume and shape. But thick, coarse hair may require extra layers to prevent clumpy curtains.

Naturally, wavy or curly hair gains defined texture from layering into curtains. Be sure to cut curly bangs dry to account for shrinkage. Extremes like thick and fine hair need special consideration for ideal curtains.

When in doubt, start longer – you can always trim more off later. But if you chop curtains too short initially, you must either grow them out awkwardly or start over. Consider hair behavior before committing.

  • Decide The Right Length For Your Lifestyle

Will you style bangs daily or prefer an air-dried look? Do you habitually tuck hair behind your ears or want a constant frame? Analyze your regimen to determine the ideal curtain bang length.

Longer face-grazing curtains allow air drying and easy tucking. But they demand regular trims to keep below the eyes. Full brow-skimming bangs require daily styling to look neat.

Wear shoulder or chin-length curtains if you don’t want to fuss over styling daily. Or opt for delicately short, choppy bangs if you have styling time. Make your lifestyle and habits part of the decision.

How To Style And Care For The Popular Curtain Bangs Hair Trend

  • Gather Inspiration For Your Dream Curtain Hair

Compile inspirational images into a folder to review with your stylist. Communicate if you prefer full, uniform curtains or soft, piece-y texture. Show photos of any awkward past bangs experiences to avoid.

Arrive at your appointment with a vision board of curtain bang examples that could work for you. This helps guide your stylist in creating a flattering finished shape tailored just for you.

  • Part And Style The Bangs To Flatter Your Face

The placement of your curtain bang part impacts how the frame looks. Middle parts create symmetry for oval and long-face shapes. Slightly off-center components offer a softer look.

Deep side parts directed the longer bangs diagonally work best for round or square faces. Adapt elements to your mood or occasion, too – flip bangs entirely to one side for dramatic hair moments.

Gently blow dry freshly washed curtains forward using a round brush to encourage a curved, face-framing shape.

  • Refresh Curtain Hair Between Washes

Curtain hair falls flat easiest between washes. Utilize dry shampoo at the roots to soak up oil and volume at the part. According to LoveHairstyles, follow with targeted blow drying to smooth or tousle curtains as needed.

For casual touch-ups, curl curtains subtly away from the face using a curling iron or finger twirling. Or improvise chic pinned-back looks – sweeping sides into a barrette or bobby pinning stray pieces.

Mist hair with water to reactivate style products on second-day curtains. Finger-style pieces to blend overgrown layers. Give limp bangs quick trims if needed to restore movement and shape.

How To Style And Care For The Popular Curtain Bangs Hair Trend

  • Make Bangs Work With Ponytails

Don’t abandon your new bangs just to put your hair up. For high ponies or buns, keep bangs loose like face-framing accessories. Or incorporate them into elegant twisted up-dos.

With low ponies, smoothly blend upper side pieces back and gather longer curtains into the elastic for a sleek finish. Pull out curtain pieces around the hairline afterward.

Half-up looks to keep the ends free – sweep sides into a pretty clip or jeweled barrette. Get creative integrating your new bangs into updos rather than hiding them.

  • Use Accessories To Switch Up Style

Decorate your curtain bangs using accessories like floral hair pins, jeweled clips, or vintage-style barrettes. This freshens up your look without requiring a hair change.

Try pinning back longer bangs in graduating asymmetrical barrettes for added dimension. Adorn side curtain pieces with glittering bobby pins in a creative pattern.

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