Is Pedro Pascal Gay? What We Know About His Love Life

Is Pedro Pascal Gay? With a wide range of parts in movies and TV shows, Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal has definitely made a name for himself in the entertainment world. From his unforgettable role as Oberyn Martell in “Game of Thrones” to his captivating role as Javier Peña in “Narcos,” Pascal has wowed viewers all over the world.

Along with his work in movies like “The Great Wall,” “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” and “Wonder Woman 1984,” he is best known for his part as the Mandalorian in the Disney+ Star Wars series.

However, as Pedro Pascal’s fame has grown, stories about his sexuality have spread on the internet. We want to find out the truth about this part of his personal life in this piece.

Who is Pedro Pascal?

José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal is an actor from both Chile and the United States. After playing small parts in movies and TV shows for almost twenty years, Pascal became famous for his roles as Oberyn Martell in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones (2014) and Javier Peña in Netflix’s Narcos (2015–2017).

After that, he was in The Great Wall (2016), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), The Equalizer 2 (2018), Triple Frontier (2019), Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022).

Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

Not at all, Pedro Pascal is not gay. Many people have talked about the reports about Pedro Pascal’s sexuality because he is a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and always speaks out for the community.

Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

It’s important to remember that his support doesn’t show what kind of person he is. Lux Pascal, his sister, came out as transgender, and Pedro Pascal has been there for her the whole time.

Lux herself recognized how important he was, saying, “He’s been a big part of this.” He has also been an artist and a guide. One of the first people to give me things that made me who I am. The fact that Pedro played a gay character in the short film “Strange Way of Life” added to the rumors, but actors often play parts that have nothing to do with their real lives.

Putting an end to the rumors is as easy as looking at his dating background, which makes it clear that he has only been with women in the past. This strong proof of his sexual orientation proves beyond a doubt that Pedro Pascal is straight. Even though there have been rumors, his work as an advocate and in movies shouldn’t take away from his personal life and personality.

Who is Pedro Pascal Dating at the Moment?

Pedro Pascal is not dating anyone at the moment, so it is likely that he is single. The actor keeps his personal and romantic life very quiet. He has never confirmed or rejected any of the rumors about his possible love interests over the years.

There have been reports that he is dating his co-stars Maria Dizzia, Robin Tunney, and Lena Headey. But neither side has confirmed any of these rumors, and Pascal has never said in public that he has a girlfriend or a wife.

Pedro Pascal’s Past Dating History

These are the women Pedro Pascal has been with in the past. He is not dating anyone right now. We know the following about his girlfriends:

Maria Dizzia

In the early 1990s, Maria Dizzia and Pascal were in an episode of Law and Order. Along with Dizzia’s Sugar, Pascal played Tito Cabassa, the sex worker’s lover. The Sun says they dated for a short time in that decade.

Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

Later, Dizzia became a star on Orange is the New Black. She is now married to the British writer Will Eno.

Lena Headey

Pascal and actress Lena Headey both worked on the HBO show Game of Thrones. Pascal played Prince Oberyn Martell, and Headey played the infamous Cersei Lannister.

There was a love relationship between them in 2014, but it looks like it was more of a friendship. It looked like Headey and Pascal were very private when she posted a picture of the two of them together with the words “Sunshine love.”

The Daily Mail says that Pascal said this in a Reddit Q&A when asked about their relationship:

“One of my favorite people is Lena…”She’s so smart and funny, and she’s such a nice person, friend, and mom that I think everyone on that set and anyone else who meets her gets a crush right away. Your crush on her will be easy to form, whether you’re a man or a woman.

Headey has been in relationships with actors Marc Menchaca and Dan Cadan since then. She has a daughter named Teddy with Cadan.

Robin Tunney

In 2015, Pascal and actor Robin Tunney were seen together a lot in public. Several times, including at the 2015 Emmy Awards, they were caught on camera spending time together.

He also showed up on Tunney’s famous show The Mentalist.

Nick Marmet, an interior designer, asked Tunney to marry him for Christmas 2012; she was already engaged to him at the time. In 2013, she said they were getting married. They have two children together.

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Pedro Pascal, a Chilean-American actor known for his roles in “Game of Thrones” and “Narcos,” is not gay. He is a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has been involved in various movies and TV shows.

Pascal has not confirmed or rejected any rumors about his dating history, but he has been with co-stars Maria Dizzia, Robin Tunney, and Lena Headey in the past.

He has not confirmed or rejected any of these rumors and has never said in public that he has a girlfriend or a wife. Pascal has also been in relationships with actors Marc Menchaca and Dan Cadan since 2014 and with actor Robin Tunney in 2015.

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