Is Brendan Morais Gay? The Bachelorette Star Who Found Love in Paradise

Is Brendan Morais Gay? Brendan Morais became famous as one of the contestants on season 16 of The Bachelorette. He was in the news again when he tried to win Tayshia Adams’ love after Clare Crawley’s shocking exit.

Brendan’s journey on the show was interesting because he was from Milford, Massachusetts, but had a strong link to Los Angeles.

Even though the show is full of strong feelings and drama, Brendan’s own story is just as interesting. He grew up in Massachusetts and lost his father when he was young. He is still very close to his family.

But because of all the attention his Bachelor Nation shows have gotten, rumors have started to spread online about his sexuality. We are going to talk about the truth about Brendan Morais’ personal life and his sexuality in this piece.

Who Is Brendan Morais?

Morais was born in Milford, Massachusetts, on February 9, 1990. He comes from Portugal and speaks Portuguese very well.

He lost his dad when he was young and grew up with his mom and two sisters. He went to Milford High School and was a basketball star and coach there.

Is Brendan Morais Gay

In 2014, he started putting acting and modeling movies on YouTube to show off his skills. Besides The Equalizer 2, The Catcher Was a Spy and Spenser Confidential, he has been in a number of short films and ads. He also works as an industrial roofer in Milford for the roofing company his family owns.

Is Brendan Morais Gay?

Brendan Morais is not gay. He’s straight and has been married to a woman before. He married Simone Santos, his high school girlfriend, in 2016, but they split up in 2019. He said that they had to split up because they couldn’t get along anymore.

A lot of women from Bachelor Nation, like Natasha Parker, Pieper James, and Kayla Davis, have been with him. He is seeing Pieper James right now. They met through friends in the spring of 2021 and are now dating.

How Did the Gay Rumors Get Around?

Brendan Morais was said to be gay after he left The Bachelorette in week 9. Some fans thought he might be gay and quit the show because he was no longer married.

They used the fact that he behaved like a woman, was close with another contestant named Demar Jackson, and didn’t seem to connect with Tayshia Adams as proof of their idea.

Is Brendan Morais Gay

These reports, on the other hand, were not true. Morais never said that he was gay or bisexual. He said he quit the show because, after getting divorced, he wasn’t ready for another engagement. He also said that he felt very close to Tayshia but didn’t want to hurt her feelings or lead her on.

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Who is Brendan Morais Dating at the Moment?

When Brendan Morais was with Pieper James, they were together. He is not dating anyone right now. Pieper James of Bachelor Nation seems to have confirmed that she and Brendan Morais broke up after dating for more than two years.

James, 26, made her start on season 25 of The Bachelor with Matt James. On Monday, October 2, she went on TikTok to talk about her love life.

They say “go to hell,” but I’m still getting over the whiplash my last relationship gave me, she wrote in the video’s caption. In the video, she danced to Lonestar’s 2001 song.

Fans asked if she was talking about Morais in the post, and she seemed to confirm in the comments. Before going out on the beach for season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2021, James and Morais were dating casually. They met on Tayshia Adams’ season 16 of The Bachelorette.

Who Has He Been Within the Past?

Before going out with Pieper James, Brendan Morais was married to his high school love, Simone Santos. They got married in 2016 and split up in 2019. He said they were no longer together and had different life goals. He also told her that he loved and valued her as a person.

He was also with Natasha Parker, a podcast host and content maker who was on The Bachelor with Peter Weber. They got to know each other on Bachelor in Paradise, but there was no romance between them.

He told her he tried to get there with her, but he never promised her more than what they had. He also said that he liked Pieper before the show and hoped she would join.


Brendan Morais, a contestant on season 16 of The Bachelorette, gained fame after vying for Tayshia Adams’ affection after Clare Crawley’s exit. Born in Milford, Massachusetts, Morais is of Portuguese descent and has been married to Simone Santos and Natasha Parker.

He has also dated several women from Bachelor Nation, including Pieper James.

Despite the rumors about his sexual orientation, Morais never came out as gay or bisexual and explained that he left the show because he was not emotionally ready for another commitment after his divorce.

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