PUBG Mobile Guide for Grenade Kills: Everything You Need to Know

PUBG Mobile Guide for Grenade Kills: In the ever-changing world of PUBG Mobile, staying ahead of the competition requires a deep understanding of how the game works and how to play it. Mastering bomb kills is one thing that can help you do much better. In this battle royale game, though, it takes a lot of determination, consistency, and persistence to become a grenadier.

This guide will give you the information and tips you need to use grenades well in PUBG Mobile, no matter how long you’ve been playing or how new you are.

How to use grenades to kill players in PUBG Mobile (September 2023)

1) Understanding Grenades

In PUBG Mobile, grenades are a powerful tool that, when used right, can change the way a fight goes. To kill the most people with grenades, you must first understand the different kinds and how they work:

Frag Grenades: These are the most common kind, and when they go off, they can do a lot of damage in a wide area. To get the most out of these grenades, throw them near your target or into tight spaces, like houses or places where you can hide. Holding down the throw button before throwing a frag bomb might catch your opponents off guard and give them less time to react.

PUBG Mobile guide for grenade kills

Smoke bombs: These bombs have different parts that work together to make a thick cloud of smoke that can hide you. You can use them to hide your movements, bring your allies back to life, or cause a distraction. To get indirect grenade kills, throw smoke grenades in a way that forces your enemies out of cover or into a trap.

Stun bombs: Stun bombs blind and confuse enemies for a short time. If you throw them right, they can stun your opponents and make them vulnerable to your gunshots or other attacks. Learn how to throw stun grenades around walls or into rooms to surprise your opponents.

2) Timing and Positioning

When trying to kill someone with a grenade in PUBG Mobile, time and positioning are very important. If you follow these tips, you will be very successful:

Pre-engagement planning: entails assessing the situation and anticipating adversary maneuvers before engaging them. Use your game knowledge to guess where they might be hiding or taking cover. This will help you plan the best way to throw a bomb to get rid of them or kill them.

Distraction and diversion: Use bombs to draw the enemy’s attention away from your position or force them to leave their cover. Mix smoke and frag bombs to make enemies confused and hard to hit. This makes it easier to kill them.

PUBG Mobile guide for grenade kills

Close-quarters fighting: Grenades can save you in close-quarters fighting. If you’re in a building or tight area, you might want to make a frag grenade and throw it into a room where you think enemies are hidden. This could lead to deaths that happen quickly and out of the blue.

3) Practice and Implement

To get good at grenade kills in PUBG Mobile, you need to practice. If you want better results, try these:

Custom matches: Use special matches to practice throwing grenades without the stress of a real game. Try throwing grenades from different directions and distances to get better at it.

Benefit from previous experience: During genuine matches, pay attention to the outcomes of your grenade throws. Look at what did and didn’t work. Did you throw the right kind of grenade? Was your clock wrong? To move forward, you must learn from your mistakes.

Adapt to the situation: Being able to change is an important skill in PUBG Mobile. Depending on the case, don’t be afraid to switch between frag, smoke, and stun grenades. Always stay alert and look around the fight to decide which grenade to use.



In PUBG Mobile, mastering bomb kills is crucial for survival. Grenades can be used in various ways, such as frag grenades, smoke bombs, and stun bombs. Understanding grenades and their functions is essential, as they can change the way a fight goes.

Timing and positioning are crucial, and pre-engagement planning, distraction, and close-quarters fighting can help. Practice and implementation of grenade kills can be achieved through custom matches, learning from previous experiences, and adapting to the situation.

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