GTA 5’s Black Cellphone Mystery Explained: What It Does and Why It Exists?

GTA 5’s Black Cellphone Mystery Explained:  Cheat codes are common in Grand Theft Auto games, and Grand Theft Auto 5 is no different.

Players could use these GTA 5 cheat codes, just like they did in previous Grand Theft Auto games, to get weapons and ammo, armor, land, and air vehicles, and even lower their Wanted level to help them complete their tasks.

Some people, like Drunk Mode and Super Jump, use them to add fun and confusion to their games.

Grand Theft Auto 5 also has an exploding cheat code called “Black Cellphone,” just like every other GTA game. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, “Big Bang” blew up cars and motorcycles close to the main character.

But in Black Cellphone, a small explosion would go off above the player’s head. This is usually just a normal explosion that happens in the game, but many players think that this strange cheat code might be hiding something more.

How to Decode Grand Theft Auto 5’s Black Cellphone

The Black Cellphone cheat code was found by data miners in 2016, and it is one of Grand Theft Auto 5’s most talked-about mysteries that hasn’t been answered yet. This cheat can be used by calling 1-999-367-3767 (1-999-EMP-DROP) from a player’s phone.

The number will call an unknown person named Black Cellphones, which will later cause a small blast above the player’s head. This works in the single-player game with all three main characters, but not in GTA Online. After the blast, the phone will change from a gray theme to a black one, and it will get a little bigger.

GTA 5's Black Cellphone Mystery Explained

An electromagnetic pulse explosion, or EMP, is a high-altitude bomb that is meant to go off above the surface of the Earth.

People say that a nuclear EMP blast could be about 10 megatons, which would be enough to cover the whole United States as well as some parts of Mexico and Canada. Even though the Black Cellphone explosion also happens in the sky, it’s not as big as an EMP, which has led some Grand Theft Auto 5 players to think it might be a different kind of weapon.

Some people thought that the blast might have something to do with UFOs in Grand Theft Auto 5. The game never tried to hide the fact that aliens existed in its world. For example, Franklin has a side quest in which he has to find parts of spaceships that are spread around Los Santos.

During its Halloween events, Grand Theft Auto Online also had a number of UFO attacks. The Mount Chiliad mystery was about strange marks found at the highest point of San Andreas. Aliens and the Illuminati were also linked to the mystery.

Players think that calling the Black Cellphone cheat code might have caused a spaceship or similar aircraft to explode in the air because of these details.


In the GTA community, Black Cellphone has given rise to a number of other ideas. A Reddit post made a list of possible references to Black Cellphone. It included the blue Albany Emperor that Lamar drives in the task “Grass Roots – The Drag” because the Black Cellphone cheat code could also spell EMPEROR.

At the Oeuvre Gallery, there is a blue car with the same “BANG” text. Also, it was said that the Black Cellphone could only be used in a task called “Ojasaud.” The trouble was that it didn’t exist. People thought it was the name of a mission for Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC or Grand Theft Auto Online that hadn’t been released yet.

Fans of GTA all over the world still don’t know what’s going on with the Black Cellphone. So far, Grand Theft Auto 5 hasn’t directly answered any of the ideas about it or told us who Black Cellphones really was.

It will be interesting to see if Black Cellphone is mentioned in future content or in GTA 6, but hopefully, Rockstar will finally give longtime fans the answers they’ve been looking for.

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