GTA 5’s Spaceship Parts Mystery Explained: A Detailed Walkthrough of the Alien Easter Egg

GTA 5 Spaceship Parts Mystery Explained: The spaceship part collecting side quest is one of Grand Theft Auto 5’s more unusual tasks, and it comes with a strange mystery. As with most Grand Theft Auto missions, there is a prize at the end, but there is still a lot for players to think about.

Since Franklin is usually the one who has to deal with the strangest things in the game, it makes sense that he is the one who has to do the task. There are a few secrets in Grand Theft Auto 5, and this one has a sort of answer.

Franklin’s Strangers and Freaks tasks put him in a lot of strange situations. He is best known for getting roasted by Lamar in GTA 5, but he also goes through a lot of other strange things.

Even though he starts out by helping his friend Tonya with her towing business, which is a pretty normal job, he ends up having to deal with some strange people.

Working with a self-important paparazzo and meeting a nasty thrill-seeker, it’s easy to think that Franklin’s life would have been easier if he had just stuck to heists. He even solves a murder case from decades ago in his free time and puts the killer in jail.

GTA 5’s Spaceship Parts Have a Mysterious Origin

Omega’s Stranger is one of Franklin’s more unusual tasks, but he needs to do it to get an achievement in Grand Theft Auto 5. Omega, a hippie who lives in the desert and is crazy about aliens, meets Franklin and tells him a story about a recent meeting he thinks he had with aliens.

The scene shows that Franklin doesn’t really believe him, but he agrees to find the spaceship parts Omega tells him about anyway. Anyone can find the parts all over Los Santos, but only Franklin can talk to Omega to start or stop the mission.

GTA 5’s Spaceship Parts Mystery Explained

The reward for the task is a heavier, space-themed dune buggy that makes sci-fi noises when driven. It’s not as cool as the jetpack from GTA: San Andreas. But the ending movie is the most interesting part. Once Franklin gives Omega the last piece, he can finish making the gadget he had been trying to make.

It’s a small piece of metal that lights up and spins around, which surprises Franklin and makes Omega happy. Even though Franklin wasn’t sure, it looks like Omega was right all along when he said that the pieces were real alien technology.

The aliens don’t get much attention, and there isn’t much said about the device or where it came from. But, like many of the puzzles in Grand Theft Auto 5, there are some clues to follow. Omega said that he had heard a message from an alien ship right before it crashed near Los Santos.

It turns out that there is a UFO that crashed into the ocean in the north of the map. It’s possible that this is where the device came from and the pieces fell out before crashing into the water, but this hasn’t been proven.

Whether or not the rocket parts came from the crashed UFO, they are strong evidence that aliens exist in the world of Grand Theft Auto. It would be out of character for Grand Theft Auto 6 to follow up on this in a big way since science fiction isn’t usually a big part of the series.

Even so, the fact that the gadget was real was a surprising enough ending to the story. Players may not know everything about the spaceship parts in GTA 5, but there is enough to keep them thinking.

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In Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin faces a strange task called Strangers and Freaks, which involves collecting spaceship parts. He must find the mysterious alien technology, which he believes is a piece of metal that lights up and spins around.

The aliens are not mentioned, but Omega claims they were sent by an alien ship before it crashed near Los Santos. The rocket parts, which were likely from the crashed UFO, provide strong evidence of alien existence in the game. While the aliens may not be the main focus of the game, the gadget’s realness is enough to keep players thinking.

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