The Truth Behind xQc and Fran’s Breakup: Is xQc Cheated on Her?

Fran is talking about her split with xQc, a well-known Twitch streamer. Not too long ago, the Overwatch content creator Fran asked why she and Félix Lengyel, who fans know as xQc, broke up.

Fran recently said that her ex-boyfriend xQc cheated on her while they were dating. Continue to scroll down to find out why xQc and his ex-girlfriend Fran broke up.

Fran Talks About Her Messy Breakup With XQc

In the last few days, Canadian content maker xQc has been in the news for a number of things, including his fight with Pokelawls and Ethan Klein. In addition to this, one of his former business partners, Sam “AdeptTheBest,” has filed for a messy divorce.

The online world found out that xQc cheated on his ex-girlfriend Fran after Fran went live on her Twitch feed after a big fight with Pokelawls. During the stream, she talked about why she and xQc broke up.

xQc and Fran Breakup

Fran then said that she and the famous streamer xQc had broken up because he had cheated on her. She said, “I’ll keep it easy and short. Because Felix cheated on me, we broke up. All right. “Guys, does everything make sense?”

After saying that xQc had cheated on her, the person who made Overwatch started crying during the show. Due to her recent fight with Pokelawls, it looks like she came forward to explain her relationship with the Twitch user.

XQc Confirmed Their Separation in July 2023

For those of you who don’t know, on July 30, xQc told his fans on stream that he and Fran had broken up while talking about his life. At that point, he told everyone that they had broken up. He said that it was “a mutual thing.” Then, he didn’t do anything to show that he was cheating.

Felix had already talked about his girlfriend not being there a week before. It looks like Fran chose to talk about why she and the social media star broke up after the recent Pokelawls drama.

xQc and Fran Breakup

Fran broke down and started crying right after she told xQc why she broke up with him. She also said that she wants things to go back to how they were before they were together. “I still wish we could all be friends again,” she said. You know, I just want to go back. “F–k you!”

Now, the people are saying what they think about the breakup. One person wrote, “I can’t believe that xQc cheated on Jesse.” Then, a second fan wrote, “All we need to find out now is that XQc cheated on her with Natsumii, and we could shut down the whole subreddit because his drama will never be topped.”

Do you think that xQc and Fran did not go well together? Please let us know what you think about the former couple in the area below. Stay in touch with us to hear the latest news from Hollywood.



Overwatch content creator Fran has revealed that she and Twitch streamer Félix Lengyel broke up due to xQc’s alleged cheating. Fran revealed the revelation during a Twitch stream after a fight with Pokelawls.

XQc confirmed their separation in July 2023, stating it was a mutual decision. Fran broke down and expressed her desire for their relationship to return to its former state. Fans have expressed their disbelief in xQc’s behavior, with some expressing disbelief in the situation.

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