Is Jojo Siwa Breakup With His Girlfriend Avery Cyrus ?

Who Was Jojo Siwa ?

Jojo Siwa was an American Actress, dancer , youtuber and singer. Jojo born on 19 May, 2003 she is from Omaha Nebraska , U.S. Jojo started her musical career in Pop, Dance pop and Electro Pop music. Jojo’s  Youtube channel name is Its Jojo Siwa and her Youtube subscribers is around 12.2 millions and her total views on Youtube is around 3.8 billions.  

Who Was Avery Cyrus ? 

Avery Cyrus was an American tik Tok star, social media influencer, Instagram Personality , Content Creator, Youtuber , media face and an entrepreneur. Avery Cyrus full name was Avery Blanchard born on 23 May, 2000 and she is from Colleyville Texas , US. Avery Cyrus Youtube subscribers is around 144k and her Instagram followers 351k , tik Tok followers is around 8 millions and she received 279.2 million likes from her fans in comedy videos. 

Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus Met for the First Time . Where ?

Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus start their love relationship in September 2022. Jojo and Cyrus met on social media while making videos on Youtube and Tiktok. Both started their relationship as a friend and after some time they both fell in Love with each other and started their love relationship with each other both started dating each other.  

Jojo revealed her love relationship with Tik Tok star Avery Cyrus on her Youtube channel. Jojo and Cyrus start making their videos together where they both hangout together they upload on their social media account.

Jojo Siwa Revealed That Why She Isn’t Hiding Her Relationship With Avery 

Jojo Siwa said in an Interview that she can’t hide her relationship with Avery . Jojo said they both feel comfortable with each other and Jojo said that I like to tell my love journey with Avery Cyrus. Jojo said that we have got only one life and everybody goes through the same experience in their lives and we are all learning about new experiences here. 

Jojo said that I am not hiding my relationship from my social media fans and audiences. 

Jojo Siwa and Avery Broke Up From Each Other 

Jojo Siwa and Avery Cyrus broke up from each other in December 2022 after a few months of dating they got separated from each other. But, Jojo and Avery are still friends now; they both respect each other’s family and friends after the breakup also. 

Jojo can’t reveal their separation with Avery Cyrus on her social media. Jojo said that they are still friends now. Jojo can’t reveal the reason behind their separation on her social media. 

Jojo felt sorry for Avery Cyrus for their breakup and said we still respect each other a lot. They both manage their friendship very nicely and make their videos together and their fans said that they are both happiest couples after their separation from each other and still enjoying togethers company. 

Jojo Siwa Current Relationship Status ? With Whom She Was Dating 

Jojo Siwa currently dating her Ex girlfriend Kylie Prew they again start up their love relationship with each other. Jojo and Kylie start dating for the first time in 2021 and they get separated after 9 months of their relationship. 

Jojo Siwa and Kylie Prew stated her love relationship again after going for a trip to Disney World and after that Jojo confirmed her relationship with Kylie Prew again on her Instagram account. 

Kylie Prew and Jojo Siwa first met on the Cruise ship. There they met for the first time and their bond got stronger over there. Kylie and Jojo started their relationship as close friends.

Jojo Siwa and Avery Broke Up (2)

In 2020 they went for the universal trip Orlando together and their friendship turned into Love. Both are dating each other after the trip and post their pictures and videos together in their Instagram and Youtube channel. 

Jojo revealed about her relationship with Kylie Prew and said that she fell in love with someone who didn’t even expect to fall in love with me. Jojo and Kylie spend lots of time together. They both hangout together. Jojo and Kylie spend their time on tiktok and making videos together. 

Jojo asked in one of her videos that she has World’s most beautiful girlfriend where she ever met. Jojo said Kylie is the most amazing, wonderful and a perfect girlfriend in the whole world. She said that Kylie encourages her in every moment of life. Jojo started crying in the interview while sharing this statement with the audience. 

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Jojo and Kylie Celebrated There 1st Valentines Together 

Jojo and Kylie celebrated their 1st romantic Valentine together. They both get to hang out together and share photos and videos together for their love movements posted on her Instagram. Jojo wrote on her Instagram Caption that “ It’s my 1st Valentines and No One in the World makes me as happy as this girl does.” and ‘I Love You more than you will ever know’.  

Jojo said that it was an amazing date with Kylie and we spent our most special time on Valentine’ s day.

Jojo and Kylie Celebrated Their 5 Months Anniversary 

Jojo And Kylie celebrated their 5 month anniversary together. Jojo gives a sweet tribute to her love on their anniversary she posted on her Instagram Account. Jojo wrote on her Instagram story that Kylie changed her life forever.

Jojo thanks Kylie for being the best Girlfriend in her life. Jojo said that I love you more and more in my whole life And Jojo shared a pic with her on her Instagram. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Net Worth of Jojo Siwa According to 2023 ??

Jojo Siwa’s Net Worth according to 2023 is around $ 20 Million which she earns from Youtube, Tik Tok and for her music career like Pop, Electro Pop Music.

Avery Cyrus Current Relationship Status ??

Avery Cyrus is currently not dating anyone she is now single but , Avery and Jojo are still good friends now and she used to spend their time together going for dinner and chilling out with their friends.  

What is the Net Worth of Avery Cyrus According to 2023 ??

Avery Cyrus current Net Worth according to 2023 is approximately $ 500k- $1 Million which she earns from as per her Youtube and Tiktok career. 

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