GTA 5 Meets Starfield: The Top 5 Mods for a Sci-Fi Adventure

Top 5 Starfield-like mods for GTA 5: Starfield is one of the most talked-about games in the GTA community right now, and players are very interested in how it works. Many Grand Theft Auto 5 players have also tried the game and were amazed by the RPG experience it gives. Even though Rockstar Games hasn’t released the game yet, many people have been looking for Starfield mods to use in the current GTA game.

The hacking community hasn’t made any good Starfield mods for the 2013 game yet, which is a shame. In the meantime, you can play GTA 5 in an out-of-this-world way with the following five space and alien-themed mods.

Top five mods to make GTA 5 feel like Starfield:

5) Nuke Railgun V2

The Railgun is one of the rarest and most powerful guns in GTA 5, and it can destroy anything in its way. The alien technology weapon is very slow and only works in a small area. But MisterY, a modder, made the Nuke Railgun V2 mod to make the weapon stronger.

Top 5 Starfield-like mods for GTA 5

The modder says that the following things can be found in the GTA 5 mod:

  • More damage and strength
  • a wider range
  • I added a blast effect

A single shot from the modified Railgun not only kills the target but also affects a large area around it. It’s great for beating aliens and other enemies in the game.

4) Alien Invasion

Aliens often visit the state of San Andreas, and there are several Easter eggs that talk about them. They have never attacked the land or tried to change how people live. Modder ModMaverickX made the Alien Invasion mod for GTA 5, which lets you fight aliens in a doomsday situation.

It sends troops of dangerous aliens out into the streets of Los Santos. You can fight the invaders with the help of NPC troops. The GTA 5 mod also lets you fight them with any weapon. Before going to space, players can see how good they are at fighting off aliens.

3) Hijacked Space Station

One of the most complex mods for GTA 5 PC is the Hijacked Space Station. It adds a Space Station that floats above the map and lets you fly any plane to it. The game’s creator, NaughtyBoy, says that players can go inside the Space Station and look around. It looks and feels like space, so you have to act like you’re in space.

Top 5 Starfield-like mods for GTA 5

There are also monsters inside the Space Station. You have to fight them when they show up in odd places. But you have to be aware of the low gravity inside the building while you do it. The modder also added some things that players can use for roleplaying.

2) Space Shuttle NASA

This mod adds a NASA-marked Space Shuttle to the game, as the name suggests. The inside and outside of the plane have the right features, making the experience more real. It can leave for space from a docking point inside Fort Zancudo.

Even though it’s a mod for a single-player game, one of the demo pictures showed that the cockpit had more than one person in it. The NASA Space Shuttle can also go to the game’s version of outer space. The mod can be used as an addition or as a feature on its own.

1) Grand Theft Space

At the moment, Grand Theft Space is the only mod that can give you the most Starfield-like experience. It is a big project that GTS Devs is working on. It’s a map mod that adds new places outside of San Andreas. It is one of the most famous PC mods for GTA 5, and it lets you go into space.

The people who made the mod say that it has 11 planets and 3 moons that are part of a custom story. With this mod, you can go to different places, fight aliens, and do a lot of other things.


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