GTA V Secrets: Where to Look for Hidden and Unique Vehicles

The world of Grand Theft Auto V is full of cars, from the huge city of Los Santos to the vast countryside of Blaine County. From the busy streets of the city to the dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, every corner is a chance to find something new.

Many players are familiar with high-end sports cars, roaring helicopters, and luxury boats, but there is a treasure trove of unique vehicles that have yet to be found. People often forget about these cars, but they have stories and the thrill of the hunt.

For a committed player, the hunt for these rare items becomes a game within the game, a meta-challenge with its own rewards.

The Secret Vehicles of Grand Theft Auto:-

How to Find the Obey Tailgater in GTA 5?

Due to how rare it is, the Obey Tailgater is a sought-after car in GTA V. You can find it in places like the parking lot at the Los Santos Golf Club and the parking lot at the Vespucci Beach tennis court. It shows up more often when it’s on Simeon Yetarian’s list of cars he wants to export.

Until a player brings one to his store, it will keep showing up here and there. Players should know that the Tailgater doesn’t always show up, and if they know where it usually spawns, they have a better chance of getting it.

How to Find the Modified Dubsta 2 in GTA V?

The Modded Dubsta 2 is a gem that is very hard to find because it is so rare. The trip starts at the famous Los Santos Customs shop in Burton. When you get there, there shouldn’t be any cars in the parking lot. If any are found, they need to be killed or moved out of the way.

GTA V Secrets: Where to Look for Hidden and Unique Vehicles

The next step is to call Mrs. Baker at the Diamond Casino and ask for a Dubsta Car Service. Once the car gets there, a particular route should be taken from point A to point B, which takes about four blocks, before going back to LS Customs.

When getting close to LS Customs, it’s important to slow down and slightly turn the camera to the left before turning right into the LS alley. If everything is done right, a Modded Dubsta 2 should be parked and ready to go. This process may need to be done more than once, and the car is most likely to show up between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

How to Find Canis Mesa in Grand Theft Auto V?

The Canis Mesa is also rough. To get the Canis Mesa, a player must pay Merryweather $1,500 to send soldiers after another player. As these mercenaries come closer, the second player will have to fight them off and steal the car. It can be taken from there to the LS Custom Shop.

How to Find the Bravado FIB Buffalo in GTA 5

The Federal Investigation Bureau uses a special truck called the Bravado FIB Buffalo. In GTA V, this vehicle might show up during certain tasks or scenarios. For example, the FIB Buffalo can be seen at the hangar during the LSIA Hostile Takeover VIP Work.

During the Contact Mission “Time to Get Away,” this car could be driven by an enemy. When trying to steal this car, players should be careful because it is often accompanied by armed FIB officers.

How to Find Karin Sultan in Grand Theft Auto V

Even though the Karin Sultan RS doesn’t spawn naturally in the open world, you can find the standard Karin Sultan and upgrade it to the Sultan RS. There are two places where the Sultan RS will always show up. They usually come in groups of two or three.

GTA V Secrets: Where to Look for Hidden and Unique Vehicles

The jail is the first place the story takes place. If you can’t see the car right away, driving around the jail might make a new set of cars show up. If that doesn’t work, start a new GTA Online experience and do the same thing again.

The second safe place to go is the parking lot at the Maze Bank Arena. If the car isn’t found right away, restarting the session and going around the stadium might help.

How to Find the Declasse Tornado?

To get the Declasse Tornado – Mariachi variant, go to the southern part of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, which is south of the Altruist Cult mountain town and north of Raton Canyon. By 7 p.m., a police officer with a sniper gun can watch a faraway Mariachi Declasse being chased by the police from the top of a mountain.

This event is a reference to a well-known scene from the movie Thelma & Louise. The next step is to either get rid of the people in the car and take it, or to ask Lester for help. Once you have the car, you can keep it safe by going to Los Santos Customs to have a tag put on it.

How to Find the Declasse Rancher XL in GTA V?

The Declasse Rancher XL is an off-road 4×4 that is made for rough terrain and difficult terrain. It is parked near the only building at the far south-west end of the Los Santos Airport and behind other hangars.

How to Find the Imponte Phoenix and the Declasse Tornado in GTA V?

Both the Declasse Tornado and the Imponte Phoenix can be seen near the docks’ garage in Los Santos. The Declasse Tornado is a standard lowrider, and the Imponte Phoenix is known for its unique rear spoiler and loud engine.

The Hunt: Hints, Tricks, and Locations

Finding hidden cars is more than just a fun thing to do—it’s an exciting journey. Here are some tips and methods that players can use on their quest:

It’s important to know how spreading works in the game. In GTA, cars don’t just show up at random. Some cars are more likely to be seen in certain places, at certain times of the day, or even on certain days of the week. If you know about these trends, you’ll have a much better chance of finding the car you want.

In this hunt, it helps to be patient. Even if a player is in the right place at the right time, the car may not always appear right away. In these situations, it’s best to drive or walk away from the area for a short time and then come back. This will make the game update the area, making it more likely that the car will show up.

GTA: The Endless Road of Discovery

Finding hidden riches is a big part of what makes it fun to look around in this virtual world. Every street, alley, and corner of this GTA world is full of secrets that are just ready to be found by brave gamers. This is how the series continues to be the best.

It combines the pure joy of discovery with the thrill of coming across something you didn’t expect, whether it’s a rare vehicle, an Easter egg, a secret location, or a new way of looking at the story.

The search for treasures turns the game into a fun loop of exploring and getting something in return. As players move through the towns, they must stay alert and pay attention to even the smallest details, which could reveal another secret that changes the game.

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