Is Dominic Thiem Gay or Straight? Is Dominic Thiem Still Dating Anyone?

Dominic Thiem Gay: Dominic Thiem has fans all over the world because of how good he is at tennis and how hard he works at it. Like with a lot of famous people, there are a lot of stories and guesses about his personal life. In recent times, people have talked about and asked questions about Dominic Thiem’s sexuality.

But it’s important to handle these situations with care, respect for people’s privacy, and a commitment to getting the facts right.

Who is Dominic Thiem?

Dominic Thiem, an Austrian professional tennis player, is highly acknowledged for his formidable skills in the baseline game and his outstanding proficiency on clay courts. Thiem, hailing from Wiener Neustadt, Austria, was born on September 3, 1993.

His notable emergence in the realm of tennis may be attributed to his remarkable achievements on the ATP Tour. The individual in question has gained recognition for his notable level of competitiveness, exceptional footwork, and adeptness in producing powerful topspin shots, so establishing himself as a formidable presence across different playing surfaces.

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Dominic Thiem gay

One of Thiem’s notable achievements is his triumph in securing his inaugural Grand Slam championship at the 2020 US Open, wherein he showed remarkable psychological resilience by staging a comeback after being two sets behind in the final match.

The individual’s unwavering commitment and diligent efforts have garnered recognition as one of the emerging players spearheading the movement to contest the supremacy of established tennis icons such as Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic.

Is Dominic Thiem Gay or Straight?

Dominic Thiem identifies as a member of the heterosexual community, for those who are interested in knowing more about his sexual orientation.

The professional tennis player is not gay and has never been in an open relationship with someone of the same sexual orientation as him. Dominic Thiem is straight if that’s something you were wondering about him.

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There have been whispers floating around recently suggesting that the Australian athlete is gay. Those who are spreading this false information have, sadly, never come across any genuine evidence to support the allegation that they are making.

For his part, Thiem has never mentioned the issue, most likely because he is aware that the report is untrue and does not believe it.

His investigation led him to discover that the tennis player is straight and has feelings for another tennis player named Kristina Mladenovic who plays for France.

Who Is Dominic Thiem Girlfriend?

According to Sportskeeda, Dominic Thiem, an Austrian professional tennis player, has a devoted partner in the form of Lili Paul-Roncalli. She is a dancer and performer that works professionally.

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Dominic Thiem gay

She began her training in Circus Roncalli with her father when she was still a very small child. In addition to being a well-known celebrity in Germany, she is also an author.

She has over 152 thousand people following her on Instagram, and Lili Paul-Roncalli is a very active user of the platform.

Is Dominic Thiem Still Dating Lilian Paul Roncalli?

According to Sportskeeda, Thiem, and Paul-Roncalli have been dating since 2021 and have been able to make it work even though they both have busy lives.

As a part of Circus Roncalli, Paul-Roncalli is always busy, so when the couple does get to spend time together, they try to make the most of it.

When Did Dominic Thiem and Lili-paul Roncalli Meet?

In the year 2021, Dominic Thiem and Lili Paul-Roncalli began dating each other. In January 2021, the two individuals disclosed that they were dating each other.

Lili’s initial desire was for the relationship to remain single, but soon after, people began to see that the two of them were falling in love.


In a time and place where information can be shared with the click of a mouse, it is essential to keep in mind that public figures, such as Dominic Thiem, have the right to maintain their privacy.

It is essential to treat such topics with respect and delicacy, despite the fact that fans may be curious about numerous parts of their lives, including their sexual orientation.

The success that Thiem has had on the tennis court is a reflection of his commitment and the amount of effort that he has put in, and it is precisely these accomplishments that merit our respect and admiration.

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