Minecraft: How to Travel Faster and Farther with These 5 Methods

As far as video game sandboxes go, Minecraft worlds are huge, and it can take a long time to cover a lot of ground in them. Some players use horses or Elytra to move around on the ground, but others might need a faster way to get around the game world.

The most popular game from Mojang doesn’t have a standard fast travel system, but there are a few ways to get around quickly. Some of these ways can be done with the game’s built-in features, while others require a mod.

Great ways to get around Minecraft quickly:-

Teleport Commands

Even though vanilla Minecraft doesn’t have a fast movement system, when cheats are turned on, you can use commands. Fans can blink to any set of XYZ coordinates within the world’s normal limits by using the /teleport and /tp commands. Both orders work the same, so as long as you use the right coordinates, you can fast-travel in an instant.

Best ways to fast travel in Minecraft

Obviously, cheats and commands must be turned on in a world for teleportation orders to work. This means that you might not always be able to count on them in multiplayer settings. Still, it’s hard to say no when they’re there.

The Waystones Mod

The modding community has made it possible for you to use amazing fast journey systems like the Waystones mod. This mod adds way stone blocks that can be placed and linked together to make a fast-travel network between interesting places. But that’s just the tip of the ocean.

You can add linked way stones, or you can get a warp stone that you can use to teleport to placed way stones. You also get access to an item called a “warp scroll” that does the same thing.

You can even change their settings so that in a new world, way stones appear at random.

The BackHome Mod

People who have played the game Terraria might know what transfer options are. They are things that, when used, can make fast movement happen. You can make similar drinks in a brewing stand by putting water and ender pearls together. This is possible because of a new mod called BackHome.

Best ways to fast travel in Minecraft

The first teleportation potion can take you back to your home or spawn place, but you can make a stronger one by adding a little redstone dust. This improved version can be used to teleport in the same way that the in-game orders would.

Even though BackHome isn’t the first mod to add teleportation potions to Minecraft, it is the only one that is confirmed to work with the 1.20 and 1.20.1 versions of the Java Edition, while some others are unfortunately no longer supported.

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Minecraft offers several ways to quickly navigate its vast worlds. Teleport commands, Waystones mod, and BackHome mod are some of the built-in features that can be used to quickly travel. Teleportation commands allow players to blink to XYZ coordinates within the world’s normal limits.

The Waystones mod adds way stone blocks, warp stones, and a “warp scroll” for fast-travel networks. The BackHome mod adds transfer potions, which can make fast movement happen. These mods are only supported with the 1.20 and 1.20.1 Java Edition versions of the game.

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