Zelda:Tears Of The Kingdom – Marbled Gohma Boss Guide

Tears Of The Kingdom: One of the most anticipated moments in any Legend of Zelda game is facing and prevailing over its one-of-a-kind monsters. Set in the entrancing realm of Hyrule, which is full of epic quests and dangerous foes, the land of Hyrule is one of the most compelling settings for any video game.

This legacy is carried on in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with its compelling bosses, and the Marbled Gohma is an example of a strong antagonist in this game.

This helpful manual will take you step-by-step through the methods and suggestions you’ll need to vanquish this dangerous enemy.

Marbled Gohma Overview

The weak area of the Marbled Gohma is readily apparent, as it is located in its prominent ocular organ. The object in question is typically inaccessible due to the boss’s considerable height advantage; nevertheless, in urgent situations, it is possible to target it from a distance with arrows. Nevertheless, employing such a strategy is not the most optimal allocation of one’s time or ammunition.

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ZeldaTears Of The Kingdom

The Gohma possesses several vexing offensive maneuvers. The primary offensive maneuver of this entity involves projecting a set of three large rocks at the target, obstructing their line of sight, and ultimately detonating, resulting in a significant amount of inflicted harm. In order to address this situation, one may either to either retreat from the adversaries or eliminate them, ideally utilizing Yunobo’s rolling assault technique.

After the Marbled Gohma’s health drops to half, it will project entire circular patterns of detonating rocks around the player. To escape the blast radius, climb and glide.

Fortunately, the explosion countdown is lenient. Gohma may stamp, using a single leg to smash its victim or leap with all four limbs. These devices create tiny shockwaves, thus anyone around the boss must be vigilant to anticipate and defend against this type of attack.

How to prepare for Marbled Gohma

The strategy employed for defeating Marbled Gohma, the formidable adversary found within the Fire Temple, bears a striking resemblance to the overall methodology employed throughout the entirety of the dungeon.

It is advisable to don the Flamebreaker Armour Set before proceeding further. In the event that one has been dependent on elixirs for fire protection, it is recommended to utilize the warp ability to return to Goron City and get said armor set.

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In addition, the possession of formidable weaponry is the sole essential requirement. It is possible to enhance the offensive capabilities of melee weapons by incorporating water-based substances, such as an Opal, hence resulting in increased damage output.

However, it should be noted that Yunobo’s assault is primarily responsible for defeating this boss, rendering any additional actions unnecessary except for delivering a standard strike.

How to defeat Marbled Gohma

Phase 1

The difficulty of this battle depends on how well you can aim Yunobo’s roll ability. You can hit Gohma precisely where it hurts the most: in the eye, if you’ve played any Legend of Zelda games before.

Marbled Gohma, as the name suggests, is covered in the peculiar marbled rock you’ve been seeing ever since you stepped foot in Goron City. While it’s upright on its marbled legs, Link can’t deal much damage to it, so he’ll need to use Yunobo to knock it over.

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ZeldaTears Of The Kingdom

When Gohma fires his explosive boulders at you, you can either roll Yunobo into them or use Recall to send them hurtling back to the massive rocky spider. When Gohma stomps its feet on the ground, it sends off a tiny shockwave. Keep your distance from the boss at all costs.

When you get the chance, shoot at Gohma’s legs with Yunobo and destroy two of them. Get on top of it and bash your eye with a whale. Repeat this process until it has lost half of its health.

Phase 2

The following stage is identical, except Gohma is now perched high above the ground. That means you’ll have to roll Yunobo up and over you using the curving walls, just like you did to wake up the boss. The unpredictable nature of Gohma makes it riskier to wait and aim than to roll on the off chance of hitting it.

The new Gohma ability involves the creature hurling a circle of marbled stones at its target. If they detonate before you can make it through the opening, things won’t end well. Either use Yunobo to break them or use Recall on one of them, and then make your way through the opening.

If you knock it from the ceiling, it will topple over with just one blow. Repeatedly aiming for Gohma’s eye is something every Zelda fan does. Continue doing this until you have vanquished this foe.


In the video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, beating the Marbled Gohma is a difficult but ultimately rewarding task.

You will be well on your way to adding another glorious victory to Link’s illustrious legacy in the kingdom of Hyrule if you gain an awareness of its attack patterns, maintain a state of readiness, and carry out a strategy that is well-coordinated. Have a good one, hero!

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