How to Beat Mucktorok in the Zelda Series? Explained

How to Beat Mucktorok in the Zelda Series?: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a wider range of bosses than its predecessor. Instead of facing up against the big bad’s various elemental forms, Link must confront monster goons that cause natural disasters for the people of Hyrule who are just trying to live their lives.

One such boss is the Mucktorok, who is to blame for the muck that covers Zora Domain. This boss is a terrific method to vent your frustrations after navigating a challenging gauntlet of sky islands and coping with low gravity while solving puzzles in the Water Temple.

Mucktorok Overview

The Mucktorok is a unique boss since it is a tiny alien-like Octorok that can generate muck. It spends most of the fight disguised as a sludge shark, which it employs to quickly move across the field and launch attacks.

Water attacks have the potential to temporarily stun the Mucktorok or cause it to transform out of its shark form, letting you get in close and deal some damage. When in sludge shark form, you can’t do any damage to the boss, therefore this is your only chance to do so.

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How to Beat Mucktorok in the Zelda Series?

The Mucktorok relies on two primary techniques. The first is an aerial descent that causes a ring of muck to radiate outward from the point of impact.

Second, it will fire a sludge laser beam in a sweeping motion from left to right. The Water Temple’s reduced gravity makes it easy to leap over each of these attacks.

Preparation Before the Fight

Water is crucial to several of the strategies for combating Mucktorok, the Scourge of the Water Temple.

Don’t go into battle without some splash fruit and chu jelly. This is less about fixing the damage and more about removing the sludge off the floor and the boss.

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If the monster is rushing away from you, it will be difficult to catch up without resorting to a long-range attack, so make sure to have plenty of arrows and Keese eyes.

If you wish to keep such things and focus on other areas of the conflict, Sidon will protect you and clean the mud. To help us extricate this slippery fish, please bring your most potent weaponry.

How To Beat Mucktorok

Although any attack involving water will result in Mucktorok losing its sludge shark form and becoming defenseless for a short period of time, the attack that is associated with Sidon’s water shield power is the one that you should focus on using.

This will be enough to destroy the sludge form in a single blow. It is necessary to take two hits while using arrows that have been fused with Splash Fruit or Chuchu Jelly.

How to Beat Mucktorok in the Zelda Series?

As soon as the sludge shark form has been destroyed, you should immediately assault the monster and deliver as much damage as possible to it using your most powerful melee weapons. Do not worry about getting hit by it because it is unable to retaliate in this form at all.

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After a brief period of time, it will revert back to its sludge shark form, and the cycle will start again from the beginning once more.

A cutscene and second phase begin when the boss reaches half health. This phase sees the boss spread muck throughout the battlefield. When possible, clean these with water waves.

After being knocked out of shark form in the second phase, Mucktorok will dive through its sludge puddles until it either regains enough energy to return to shark shape or gets struck and stunned for a longer time.

Jumping into the air and shooting an arrow at Mucktorok diving around in its default state is the easiest way to knock it out. The midair slowness provides you enough time to knock it out of the air and race to beat it.

This fight is mostly irritating. Save your watery materials for cleaning sludge in the second phase and utilize Sidon’s ability to remove the shark form.


In the Legend of Zelda games, defeating Mucktorok calls on observance, plan, and skill. You can improve your chances of victory by learning its patterns of attack, using the surroundings to your advantage, outfitting yourself appropriately, and perfecting your evading and blocking skills.

Keep in mind that perfect practice makes perfect, and with enough resolve, you can defeat this formidable foe and continue your epic adventure in the world of Zelda.

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