How Lewis Capaldi Gained Weight and Why He Doesn’t Care?

Lewis Capaldi Gain Weight: The Scottish singer is in the news because she was seen at Wimbledon with Emma Watson. They are the newest celebrity couple to be seen in the VIP area. The lead singer of Bruises wore black pants and a light blue jacket. People are calling it his first public showing since the strange thing that happened at the Pyramid stage show.

Well, he watched it with Emma Watson, who was in the Harry Potter movies. In fact, Maggie Smith went to the match with both of them. Lewis Capaldi has been in the news because of his hits, but the singer also got attention because of how big he was. His weight changes a lot, which is easy to see. Because of this, there have been a lot of rumors on social media.

People on the internet have always compared his pictures and posted about it. So, people are already worried about the weight gain of Lewis Capaldi!

How Did Lewis Capaldi Gain Weight?

The Forget Me Singer wasn’t always skinny. But Lewis Capaldi kept his body in good shape and looked fine. But in the last few years, his body has changed in a big way. He weighs more now than he did before, and his face is rounder than it used to be. Capaldi hasn’t had problems with his weight in a long time.

Lewis Capaldi Gain Weight

Well, the singer has always been outspoken about his body and has said many things about it. The star met with the Daily Star and talked about how she lost two stones in 2018. The 26-year-old thought he was all toned up at that point. But there was still some more weight to lose.

Also, Lewis Capaldi became a vegan and stopped eating anything that wasn’t vegan. In response, the singer said he was going to stop eating meat so he could lose weight and help the earth. But he gained all that weight back, which he said was because he was a veggie. After he became a vegetarian, it made him gain more weight.

This was because when the artist didn’t have meat, he would eat a lot of carb-heavy foods, which led to Lewis Capaldi’s weight gain. Not only that, but the Scottish singer chose to eat pizza and chips instead of meat and chicken when she had a choice. So, Lewis Capaldi didn’t get any good results and put his weight gain on being a vegan.

How Many Pounds Did Lewis Capaldi Gain?

Lewis said that he gained about 14 pounds when he talked more about his weight. During the coronavirus outbreak, his body changed in a lot of ways. During an interview with a US radio station, the hitmaker made a joke about being bored at home. Also, the singer of “Forget Me” got an exercise bike to help him burn calories.

The songwriter uses it for hot workouts backstage, which is interesting. Still, Capaldi’s body hasn’t changed much so far. Even though he still looks fat, he is happy with what he has. People who are afraid to go out because of their weight can learn from the star. Lewis has never been seen stressed out or worried about his body.

Lewis Capaldi Gain Weight

Lewis Capaldi, on the other hand, is doing his best to get in shape for future shows and events. The 26-year-old is working hard in both the gym and the kitchen. So far, none of the news stories have said that he is sick or has an eating problem. On top of that, no one knows for sure if the singer of “Someone You Loved” is a drug user.

So, we can say that Lewis Capaldi’s journey to gain weight is a normal one. He is also determined to get rid of his extra weight and stay in shape. He is one of the latest famous people to start eating less fat.

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Lewis Capaldi Has Issues With His Voice!

Aside from Lewis Capaldi’s weight gain, the actor has also been involved in some very important scandals in the past. The Grammy-nominated singer was asked to play on the Pyramids stage at Glastonbury. Before Lewis Capaldi had a problem with his voice, everything was going well.

He slowly lost his voice during his show and had to cancel all of his other plans. The singer also said she was going to take more time off to rest and heal. Lewis was playing some of his most popular songs, like “Forget Me” and “Before You Go.”

After Bruises, he said he was having trouble with his voice and told the crowd the same thing. The crowd was very surprised by the sudden change, so the musician kept saying sorry.

Lewis Capaldi talked about being diagnosed with Tourette’s before the Pyramids stage show at Glastonbury. He seemed to be feeling sad as he spoke to the crowd. But when he had trouble singing, the crowd sang the words for him.

On June 5, 2023, he put out a statement in which he said that the last two months had been both mentally and physically busy for him. He really wanted to finish the whole show, but he couldn’t because he was having trouble with his voice.


Lewis Capaldi, the lead singer of Bruises, has gained weight and appeared at Wimbledon with Emma Watson. The celebrity couple has gained attention for their size and weight changes, leading to rumors on social media. Capaldi has been outspoken about his weight loss and has gained weight due to his vegan lifestyle.

He gained about 14 pounds during the coronavirus outbreak and has been working hard in the gym and kitchen. Despite his weight gain, Capaldi remains happy with his body and is determined to stay in shape for future shows and events.

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