Is Doja Cat Bisexual? What Does It Mean for Her Music and Fans?

Is Doja Cat Bisexual? Doja Cat and controversy seem to go hand in hand. The American rapper is perpetually at the center of some sort of storm. Due to her recent homophobic remarks, she has drawn some unwanted attention to herself. Sexualizing Hinduism was also a complaint made about her first music video. Despite all of that, she remains a fan favorite.

Her graphic lyrics appear to resonate with her audience, making her the top-selling female artist of her generation. She has had multiple top 10 singles on Billboard and has a history of success. Even after thoroughly dissecting the words to her songs, her listeners don’t know whether or not she is lesbian, bisexual, or straight.

There are many rumors that Doja Cat is both gay and straight. Is that the case? Does she like both? How about Doja Cat? Get the details down below.

Who is Doja Cat?

American rapper, singer, and record producer Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, better known as Doja Cat. She was reared in Los Angeles, and as a teenager, she started posting her original songs to SoundCloud. At the age of 17, she got a joint record deal with Kemosabe and RCA Records after they heard her song “So High,” and in 2014, she released her debut extended play (EP) titled Purrr!

Doja Cat’s 2018 novelty song “Mooo!”, in which she makes satirical claims about being a cow, went viral after she took a break from making music, and her debut studio album, Amala (2018), was released uneventfully.

Is Doja Cat Bisexual?

Following this success, she released Hot Pink, her second studio album, the following year. Single “Say So,” which featured Nicki Minaj on a remix, subsequently topped the Billboard Hot 100.

Is Doja Cat Bisexual?

Is Doja Cat bisexual? The short answer to your query is “Yes”. After being accused of homophobic statements, Doja Cat came out as bi. After her remarks, the LGBTQ+ community decided to cut ties with her. Doja Cat went on her regular Instagram live sessions when she outed herself as bisexual using slang. The following is what she said:

“I find value in both. I enjoy the company of dicks and, uh, persons with whom I may engage in sexual activity. So, in theory, you can have sex with anyone.

Doja Cat, who is gay, fought back against being canceled by the LGBTQ+ community. Despite her admission that she called faggots a thousand times in high school, she still deserves our unconditional love and acceptance. Moreover, she made it clear that being gay is OK with her. With her bisexuality out in the open, relations with the LGBTQ+ community improved.

Doja Cat will stick to her tried-and-true formula for success, and her devoted audience can look forward to even more sexually charged songs and videos in the near future.

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Is Doja Cat Married?

A source close to the singer tells E! News that Doja Cat is now single, while it is unclear if she is married or not. The insider goes on to say that the artist isn’t interested in a romantic partnership at the present time.

Who is Doja Cat Dating Now?

In all of her friendships, Doja Cat is completely honest. When she is with someone, it is typically not a secret who it is. Throughout her career, she has been linked to various famous people, both men and women. And it’s all thanks to the images and tweets she’s been posting.

Some followers reported seeing Doja Cat and French Montana on vacation in October 2020. This has led to speculation that the two are an item. Cat quickly put an end to the premises by sharing the news that she and Montana had a new song coming out, at which point she instructed everyone to calm down.

Is Doja Cat Bisexual?


When UK artist Bree Runway shared photos of Doja Cat with the description “My Hot Date” a year after they were first rumored to be dating, the speculation only grew. Doja Cat added, “I have a girlfriend and I am going public” alongside Bree’s photos.

As of this point, it was widely assumed that the two were an item. The rumors, however, quickly died down as everyone realized that the two were just joking.

Doja Cat and Johnny Utah were confirmed to have dated for over a year before breaking up in 2020. As she watched the Honeypie music video, she spotted Johnny. Except for Johnny’s actions, she found the entire film to be really irritating.


The two began dating, however, Doja Cat revealed the split in February 2020. She claims she is doing OK and has deleted her ex-Twitter boyfriend’s account from her list of followers. She continued, saying that things didn’t pan out at the time and that they had moved on.

Doja Cat Career

Doja Cat says that after she quit school, she slept on the floor and spent “all night and day” online hunting for beats and instrumentals to utilize in her songs, which she then obtained from YouTube.

She trained herself to sing, rap, and use GarageBand during her jobless sabbatical, and now she regularly creates music and uploads it to SoundCloud after getting obsessed with online culture and websites like EBaum’s World and Myspace.

By the end of 2012, “So High” had been added as a permanent track to her SoundCloud profile. Doja Cat got her start in the Los Angeles underground hip-hop scene, where she would perform at parties and cyphers and meet other artists like Busdriver, Ill Camille, and VerBS, the latter of whom she credits with helping her develop as an artist and land her first paying gig.

Final Words

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, better known as Doja Cat, is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. She is the top-selling female artist of her generation and has had multiple top-10 singles on Billboard. Despite her recent homophobic remarks, she remains a fan favorite.

There are many rumors that Doja Cat is both gay and straight. After being accused of homophobic statements, Doja Cat came out as bi and the LGBTQ+ community cut ties with her.

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