The Exchange Ending Explained: What Happens to Munira and Saud’s Relationship?

The Exchange Ending Explained: Because today marks the debut of Netflix‘s brand-new Arabic series, The Exchange’s conclusion is broken down for your benefit. Jasem Al-Muhanna and Karim Elshenawy helm this Kuwaiti drama series. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Rawan Mehdi, Mona Hussein, Jasem Al-Nabhan, Hussain Al-Mahdi, Abdullah Bahman, Asmahan Tawfiq, Mohamed Mansour, Faisal AlAmeri, and Maryam Salih. There are six episodes total, and each one is between forty and sixty minutes long.

In the late 1980s, two women are followed in The Exchange as they work as clerks for the Bank of Tomorrow at the Kuwait Stock Exchange. Their struggles to succeed professionally, to be taken seriously at work, and to experience the natural tinges of romantic tension that permeate any office setting are all examined.

The Exchange Plot summary

The two cousins, Farida and Munira, are fierce competitors, and they both start working hard at the Kuwait Stock Exchange to trade stocks for Bank of Tomorrow. Taking on a huge building full of males and their patriarchal behavior as two women proves to be a challenging and tiring task.

The two female protagonists, however, are tough and unyielding. They put these skills to good use and demonstrate their mettle through their successful trading, the analytical work that goes into it, and the market predictions that guide their decisions.

Meanwhile, Farida grapples with the difficulties her financial precarity imposes on her personal life, including dealing with a daughter who has entered puberty and adjusting to a new school where she is treated severely.

The Exchange Ending Explained

On the other hand, Munira has to deal with the pressure from her mother and other family members to accept her, as well as the persistent advances of a now-former banker named Saud who insists on proposing marriage to her The 1987 stock market meltdown shook countries all throughout the world, but the two women overcame the obstacles and helped Bank of Tomorrow recover and move forward.

The extremely self-assured Munira, played by Mona Hussain, is a lady who is as skilled at business as she is at dressing to impress.   Even the unstoppable force of nature that is Munira has her moments of vulnerability and lack of confidence, and Mona does an excellent job expressing those moments.

Rawan Mahdi, who plays Hussain’s leading lady in The Exchange, gives a performance that is every bit as competent and excellent as Hussain’s.  he veers between being fragile and aimless and self-assured and crafty. When all of her hard work and determination finally pay off, against all odds, there is a palpable sense of relief that she conveys via her performance.

The series sheds light on the serious issue of sexism and misogyny in 1980s Kuwait and provides an uplifting story of two formidable feminists who swim against the currents of the male-dominated, conservative, and competitive stock exchange.  The running time of The Exchange is decent at 6 episodes. While no one in the cast quite steals the show, they all do a fine job with their assigned parts.

The Exchange Ending Explained

What Happens Between Farida and Omar?

At the conclusion of the first season of The Exchange, Farida and Omar do not end up together. Omar makes life difficult for Farida by not paying for Jude’s tuition after he and Farida have recently split at the beginning of the series. When Farida presses him for payment, he refuses once more and also tells her that her father owes money to him. Later on, Farida is compelled to move Jude from British School to a public school.

The Exchange Ending Explained

In her new school, Jude has a tough time since other girls pick on her because of her wealth and family. Her grandfather tries to help, but it doesn’t work out. Meanwhile, she and her mother have been growing increasingly estranged. However, Jude and her father are on a positive trajectory, spending time together and keeping their relationship a secret from Farida.

With the promise of a British School education for Jude, Omar uses Jude as a bargaining chip to win Farida back. In exchange for this, Farida would have to give up her career in the stock market. Farida learns to perform better and be better than who she was amid all the difficulties and tribulations she has at work at the stock exchange, especially with such odds piled against them.

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What Happens to Munira and Saud’s Relationship?

After Munira and Saud were introduced to each other and became acquainted, tensions quickly flared. Saud shows to be a good teacher initially, providing Munira with some great advice about trading, which she takes on really quickly.

In time, though, his counsel devolves into the same aggressive, predatory spiel about taking chances to win money and get ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, he starts being quite demanding of Munira.

He secretly approaches her father to beg for his daughter’s hand in marriage. When she tries to buy herself more time to consider her response to Saud’s question, he becomes increasingly angry and insistent.


What does Farida do to Rescue the Bank of Tomorrow?

When the US market experienced its historic drop in 1987, stock exchanges throughout the world followed suit. The tsunami quickly made its way to Kuwait, where the main characters of The Exchange prepared for the impending destruction.

While Saud is doing his best to convince others to adopt his “plans” so that he can profit from the current climate, many of them are wary of his lackluster excitement and the research that serves simply to back up his hasty trading and investment selections. However, Amir shuts him down, instructing everyone to sell as much as they can, irrespective of the price they’re getting, in order to at least preserve their bank from total defeat and catastrophe.

When Saud discovers he can’t sell the stocks he’s invested in, he collapses from the shock and winds up in the hospital. The first season of The Exchange sees him fired from his position as Bank of Tomorrow’s manager. Companies are tumbling and crashing left and right as panic ensues at the Kuwait stock exchange and everyone rushes over to sell everything they can.

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