List Of Top Celebrities: Who Came Out As LGBTQ+ in 2023

Celebrities Who Came Out As LGBTQ+ in 2023: Over the years, the LGBTQ cause has become much stronger. People are starting to notice that they are there. Over the years, they have been able to get people to notice them. At first, it wasn’t easy for this group to get known. There were many fights they had to take part in.

But this movement was led by passionate gay people who never gave up and pushed for their rights. People have become part of this movement over the years, which is a big deal for them.

As this group of people grows, the trend has picked up speed in 2023. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous people who have finally come out as part of the LGBTQ movement.

Lil Nas X

The Grammy-winning rapper X has been out as gay for a long time, but in January, he said on Twitter that he might also be bisexual.

He wrote, “Be fr, would y’all be mad at me if I thought I was a little bisexual?”

Even though X is known for playing and messing around on the internet, he replied to that tweet by saying, “That was my last time coming out of the closet, I promise.”

Noah Schnapp

In January, the well-known tik tok star came out as gay. It’s important to remember that Noah is known for how well he did on Stranger Things. He said that he had kept the fact that he was gay a secret for 18 years.

Who Came Out As LGBTQ+ in 2023

Surprisingly, when his family and friends found out he was gay, they made him feel at home. Because Noah’s family already knew the truth and had been waiting for him to accept it before telling the rest of the world.

Alexander Lincoln

He is a famous actor from Britain. He became well-known after he did a great job as Mark Newton in the popular web show In from the Side.

In a recent interview, he said that his personality has always been hard for him, but that things are getting better for him now that more people are coming out in support of LGBTQ people.

But he has never said out loud that he is gay. One of his best friends told everyone that he is not gay.

Bella Ramsey

Bella is a famous actor who has done a lot of work on the HBO show. She has a lot of friends and people who like her. It’s important to remember that she cared about how people saw her.

She is a lesbian, but her sexuality has changed over time. She has been through this her whole life. That’s why she didn’t say anything for so long.

Who Came Out As LGBTQ+ in 2023

In December, Bella told the whole world that she was a lesbian. Even though she had to deal with some uproar and reaction, things were soon back in order.

Alison Brie

Alison is a great example of how to work hard and follow your dreams. She is a model, a big deal on social media, and most of all, a TV star. She also went first to say that she was a gay woman.

Many of her fans were shocked when they found out the truth, but they soon got used to it. Some of her fans said on Twitter that her sexuality is not what makes her talented. She is good at everything she does. That’s all her fans want her to do. Her best trait is that she’s good at everything.

After learning more about these people, it’s fair to say that they are so amazing that they deserve a lot of praise. They have set a high standard for others to follow. In the coming years, this group will likely grow. This will be a real accomplishment for them.

Jacub Janto

He was the first person in the world to make history as an international soccer player when he came out as gay. He told the reporters that he now feels free to talk more about who he is and that nothing will be kept from them.

Before he came out as gay, he dated some well-known celebrities. This recognition has helped him a lot to live a happy life.


The LGBTQ movement has grown significantly over the years, with famous figures like Alexander Lincoln, Noah Schnapp, Bella Ramsay, and Jacob Janto gaining recognition for their LGBTQ identities. These individuals have overcome challenges and gained support from the LGBTQ community, setting a high standard for others to follow.

As the movement continues to grow, it is expected to continue to grow and inspire others. These individuals are a testament to the power of the LGBTQ community and the importance of embracing their unique identities.

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