Jelly Roll Opens Up About His Weight Gain, Drug Addiction, and New Haircut

Jelly Roll Weight Gain: Jelly Roll is known for two things: his rap music and his big body. He is a skilled artist, but Jelly Roll Weight Gain is another thing that worries his fans more and more. Jelly Roll is an American singer and songwriter. His real name was Jason Bradley DeFord before he changed it.

He hasn’t stuck to one type of music, and he’s one of the best guitarists of his age. The rising country rapper said recently at the Country Music Association Festival that he would like to work with some big stars. He talked about Johnny Depp and Dwayne Johnson in an honest way.

It’s been ten years since Jelly Roll started making songs. Jelly has put out a number of mixtapes and independent solo records over the course of his career. But his fans have come up with a number of ideas about his big personality in recent years. It has caused rumors about Jelly Roll Weight Gain to spread quickly. So let’s take a close look.

Brief Information About Jelly Roll

Full Name Jelly Roll
Real Name Jason DeFord
Birthday December 4, 1986
Age 36
Birthplace Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Genre Hip-hop, Rap, Country Rap
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Labels Strange Music, It Goes Up Entertainment
Years Active 2010 – present
Albums “The Big Sal Story” (2012), “Whiskey, Weed & Waffle” (2017), “A Beautiful Disaster” (2020), “Self Medicated” (2021)
Notable Songs “Save Me”, “I Need You”, “Creature”, “Only”, “Johnny and June”

Who Is Jelly Roll?

The American singer was born on December 4, 1984, in Tennessee. He was raised in Nashville, but Jelly Roll had a completely different past. While he enjoys immense popularity and success today, he was once arrested for attempted robbery.

The 38-year-old used to crack deals for drugs at a young age. Not only this but Jelly was also arrested when he attempted marijuana robbery. Talking about his career, the singer stepped into the hip-hop genre and further transitioned into country music. In 2010, he collaborated with Lil Wyte, a rapper, for a music video.

Jelly Roll Weight Gain

After being uploaded on YouTube, it received millions of views. Later on, the US-born partnered with Struggle Jennings, Haystak, and Tech N9ne. A decade after, in 2021, Roll made his Grand Ole Opry debut. He received his breakthrough in 2023 after being placed on Billboard’s Emerging Artists charts.

Jelly Roll Weight Gain

Jelly Roll, a singer who is 38 years old, has never been thin, but lately, she is much bigger than she used to be. But the celebrity said he used drugs when he was in his early teens. Jelly even mixed Xanax with codeine and coke, which may have caused Jelly Roll to gain weight. Roll may have also started eating too much during the plague.

Some other fan ideas say that he could have been sick and that the side effects of the medicine he was taking could have caused him to gain weight. Also, it is possible that Jelly Roll Weight Gain is caused by too much drug use or other habits.

There’s no doubt that Jelly Roll had a hard time putting on weight. But in 2023, he made a plan for the new year. The musician posted on Twitter that he and his wife would take charge of their lives by keeping their weights in check. His new workout plan began in early January, but he hasn’t changed in a way that can be seen yet.

Roll has always been open about the problems he has with how he looks and how big he is. So, the celebrity looks serious this time because he wanted to find a different way to lose weight. So the artist is very worried about Jelly Roll’s Weight Gain.

Jelly Roll Hair Transformation

The 38-year-old celebrity shared a video on Tiktok and Instagram about how much his hair had changed. It got fans’ attention right away because they were excited to hear about this change and Jelly Roll Weight Gain news.

Jelly Roll Weight Gain

He posted the video to social media sites and said that he couldn’t believe the new haircut. In the clip, a barber cuts his hair while Jelly’s wife, Bunnie XO, cuts a few strands of hair for fun. The new look was shown in the last scenes, where the wavy hairs are no longer visible.

During the haircut, the singer has a hard time getting his head to line up with what the barber wants. Even though he was surprised by how his hair had changed, he couldn’t believe that his mullets were no longer there. Not only that, but Roll also felt strange when he realized he wouldn’t be able to flip his hair every morning.

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Country Singer Jelly Roll Has a Huge Amount of Wealth

Fans care a lot about Jelly Roll’s weight gain, but they also want to know how much money he has. As was already said, Jelly Roll has a long list of crimes, which is why he spent most of his youth years in juvenile detention. Even with these problems, he has become a popular country singer in the last few years.

The singer of “Save Me” has worked hard for years to build a successful career and now has a huge net worth. Reports say that Jelly Roll’s net worth is around $4 million, which means he has already joined the club of millionaires.

In fact, a few of his platinum-certified songs have helped him make a lot of money. In terms of how he makes money, he sells records, goes on tours, and sells products.


Jelly Roll, an American singer, and songwriter, has been a rising star in the country music industry for ten years. Known for his rap music and big body, rumors about Jelly Roll’s weight gain have spread quickly. The 38-year-old singer, born in 1984, has a history of drug dealing and attempted robbery.

He transitioned into hip-hop and country music, collaborating with rappers like Lil Wyte and Struggle Jennings. In 2023, he announced a new workout plan, but his weight has not yet changed.

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