Is Jason Momoa Gay? Finding Out About the Actor’s Personal Life and Sexuality

Is Jason Momoa Gay? Persistent speculations have circulated about the sexual orientation of the intriguing actor Jason Momoa, noted for his dominating appearance and obvious appeal. Momoa has won over audiences all around the world with his striking good looks, authoritative roles, and compelling charisma.

Despite the widespread admiration and interest, rumors and speculation have surfaced about Jason Momoa’s sexual orientation.

In this article, we investigate the truth of the rumors and separate fact from fiction in order to reveal the identity of the rumor’s originator.

Who is Jason Momoa?

Joseph American actor Jason Namakaeha Momoa. First appearing as Jason Ioane in the 1999–2001 season of the syndicated action drama Baywatch: Hawaii, he went on to portray Ronon Dex in the 2005–2009 Syfy science fiction series Stargate Atlantis, Khal Drogo in the first two seasons of the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones (2011–2012), Declan Harp in the 2016–2018 season of the Discovery Channel historical drama Frontier, and Baba Voss in the 2019–2022 Apple TV+ science fiction series See.

Jason Momoa Early Life

Momoa was born on August 1, 1979, in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Coni (Lemke) and Joseph Momoa, who are both artists. He is their only child. His paternal grandfather was a Native Hawaiian. In interviews, Jason has revealed that his mother is a mix of German, Irish, and Pawnee.

Is Jason Momo Gay?

His parents separated soon after he was born, and his mother took him and his brother to Norwalk, Iowa to raise them. He and Brandon Routh were both on the Norwalk High School soccer squad, and he graduated from there. The University of Hawaii was his alma mater.

Is Jason Momo Gay?

There are others who like spreading fabricated news about famous people. They are able to spread gossip about couples and sexual orientation. As a result, you shouldn’t blindly believe anyone who claims a famous person of being gay.

Actor Jason Momoa has been accused of being gay on numerous occasions, but no convincing evidence has ever been shown. Jason Momoa identifies as a straight man. His detractors failed to produce any evidence that the stocky actor was gay or bisexual in any form of media.

We can show you that he is heterosexual by naming the ladies he has slept with. We’ll soon reveal that Jason Momoa exclusively slept with women. Thus, he can’t be gay.

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Jason Momoa is Married to Lisa Bonet and They Have Two Kids

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa may have broken up, but they are still a close-knit family. In 2005, following a chance meeting, the ex-lovers began dating. Two years later, in July 2007, Momoa and Bonet welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lola Iolani. Nakoa-Wolf, their son, was born the next year. (Zo is Bonet and Lenny Kravitz’s daughter from a previous relationship.)

Is Jason Momo Gay?

Bonet and Momoa decided to keep the gender of their pregnant child a mystery until the baby was born. Bonet explained her decision to PEOPLE by saying, “I enjoy and put my trust in the mystique around it.” There’s a brand-new twist towards the conclusion.” However, after five years of marriage, the couple divorced in January 2022. Momoa showed his support for Zoe Bonet at the New York premiere of The Batman a month later.

From the beginning, Zoe and the Slumberland performer shared a special bond, and she often referred to him as “papa bear.” But his appearance sparked speculation that he and Bonet were getting back together. But in an interview on the red carpet with Access Hollywood, the actor set the record straight.

We are still not on good terms. He continued, “We have two beautiful children, and we’re a family.”

Who Is Jason Momoa Dating Right Now?

Eiza González is Jason Momoa’s current girlfriend. Mexican singer and actor González. Her breakout roles in Mexican telenovelas like “Suea conmigo” and “Lola…Érase una vez” propelled her to stardom. She eventually relocated to Hollywood, where she has been in several films, such as “Baby Driver” and “Hobbs & Shaw.”

Eiza González also made her way into the music business with the publication of her first album in 2009. She has a strong reputation for her creativity, beauty, and versatility.

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People magazine reported that Mamoa and González had been dating since February 2022, having met through mutual professional and personal connections. The cute couple is still going strong in 2023.

Who Jason Momoa Has Dated in the Past?

Who Jason Momoa Has Dated in the Past? In 2005, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet met for the first time through a mutual friend at a jazz club in Los Angeles. When they met for the first time, they hit it off right away. Momoa called it “love at first sight.”

At the time, Bonet was already a well-known actor. She was best known for playing Denise Huxtable on “The Cosby Show” and its spinoff, “A Different World.” When they first met, they started dating right away, and they have been together ever since. In the end, they got married in 2017, and they now have two children.

In 2022, the pair split up, which was sad. Because Bonet wanted to stay in Los Angeles and Jason wanted to focus on his work and travel for it, their relationship is said to have hit a wall and grown apart.


Jason Momoa has been accused of being gay on numerous occasions, but no convincing evidence has ever been shown. He identifies as a straight man and his detractors failed to produce any evidence.

Jason Momoa is married to Lisa Bonet and has two kids, but they divorced in 2022. He is currently dating Eiza González, a Mexican singer, and actor with a strong reputation for creativity, beauty, and versatility.

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