Is Corey Mylchreest Gay? Unmasking the Reality Behind His Orientation

Is Corey Mylchreest Gay? The topic of a person’s sexual orientation is often a deeply personal one, and it’s important to handle it with care and respect. The article will investigate the question of Corey Mylchreest’s sexual orientation and explain why it matters.

While the answer to this question may not have any bearing on our daily lives, it is important to explore the complexities of the topic in order to foster a more welcoming and inclusive culture.

The focus of the article is not to lay down blaming or pass judgment; rather, it is to clarify some myths and provide some information on an issue that is commonly misunderstood.

Who is Corey Mylchreest?

Corey Mylchreest is a well-known performer and author from Canada. Before joining the cast of Queen Charlotte, Mylchreest’s most notable roles were as Adonis in the pilot episode of the Netflix series The Sandman (2022) and as Mars in the short film Mars (2021).

In the TV movie Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Mylchreest won praise for playing a youthful King George III. The Netflix show stars India Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest and features a large ensemble cast of new and established actors.

Is Corey Mylchreest Gay?

No, Corey Mylchreest (@coreymylchrest) from Queen Charlotte is not gay. He has never been seen with a male, and he has never addressed the question of his sexuality. Assuming Corey is straight on a whim is perfectly reasonable. At the Los Angeles premiere of the show, he told Extra on the red carpet that he has a girlfriend, though he said so only indirectly.

Is Corey Mylchreest Gay?

Corey, who plays a young King George III, was asked if he had seen Bridgerton before the role.

“I was told not to watch it, to try not to emulate any of the performances. And as soon as I got the job, I was like, ‘All right, I gotta binge this thing.’ I sat down with my girlfriend and we did the whole shebang.”

Corey Mylchreest made it abundantly clear that he is in a committed relationship. He hasn’t revealed the identity of the lucky lady, though. Nothing about his romantic life can be gleaned from his Instagram profile. It looks like he is quite protective of his privacy, therefore we should do our best to leave him alone.

Not much is known about Corey Mylchreest’s personal life, however, we can say with certainty that he is not gay. His portrayal on the show may have led some to question his sexuality. It’s important to remember that performers only do what’s written in their scripts. This has nothing to do with who they really are. However, rest assured that we will update you on the status of his potential partner as soon as we learn more.

Who is Corey Mylchreest Girlfriend?

In the film Queen Charlotte, the romantic leads Corey Mylchreest and India Amarteifio have undeniable chemistry together onscreen. Their on-screen chemistry has many wondering if they’re more than just acting partners. But as far as we know, they are just pals and co-stars, so we are left to question who Corey truly loves.

In April 2023, at the Los Angeles premiere of Queen Charlotte, Corey admitted to being in a committed relationship during an endearing interview with Extra. He didn’t name his girlfriend, but there was a cute aside about how they both enjoy the Bridgerton books.

Is Corey Mylchreest Gay?

Corey and his girlfriend celebrated his casting by viewing the entire series in one sitting. The compelling love tales that evolved throughout the first season made them anxious to continue with the second.

Corey’s admittance of being in a relationship adds intrigue and romance to his already endearing demeanor, despite the fact that he is notoriously reserved about his personal life. Without knowing everything, we can be sure of one thing: this gifted actor has discovered someone who truly touches his heart.

Who has Corey Mylchreest Past Dated?

There are not many images of Corey Mylchreest on his personal Instagram, suggesting that he is not particularly open about his private life. However, he did tell Extra that he is taken.

He said, “As soon as I got the job, I was like, ‘Alright, I gotta binge this thing.'” He was asked if he had seen Bridgerton before taking on the part of King George. My girlfriend and I got cozy in a chair and completed the whole deed.

Who was King George III in Reality?

King George III was baptized at London’s Norfolk House on the same day he was born in 1738. He was born two months prematurely, and nobody expected him to live through the night. But by some miracle, the king made a full recovery, maturing into a wise and reticent young man.

At the age of eight, he was already conversing in the languages of both his English father Frederick, and his German mother Augusta.

In 1751, George inherited the crown after his father passed away from a lung injury. He became the Prince of Wales not long after. When he turned 18, he was granted his very own palace, but instead, he chose to live with his strict mother and her servants. George III succeeded his grandpa, also named George, four years after his death.


Corey Mylchreest is a well-known performer and author from Canada who plays a young King George III in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. He is not gay and has never been seen with a male. He is in a committed relationship and should be left alone.

Corey Mylchreest is not gay, but his portrayal of King George III on the show may have led some to question his sexuality. He is dating a woman who is unknown.

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