Is Jo Koy gay? Revealing the Secrets of His Sexual Identity

Is Jo Koy gay? Recently, American stand-up comic Jo Koy has been the subject of gay rumors, and his fans want to know if this is true. In the same way, Jo has worked in the entertainment business for more than 20 years, so his fans are naturally curious about what he does behind the scenes.

If you are one of them, you have come to the right place because we will talk about his marriage, dating life, and other things in this piece.

Who is Jo Koy?

Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr. works as a stand-up comedian and actor in the United States. His stage name is Jo Koy. He was often on the group Chelsea Lately, a late-night show on E! Since then, he has had several shows on Comedy Central and Netflix.

Jo Koy Early years

Jo Koy’s white American father was stationed in the Philippines with the US Air Force when he married Koy’s Filipina mother. After he ended high school in Tacoma, Washington, his family moved from Spanaway, Washington, to Tacoma, Washington, and then to Las Vegas.

Is Jo Koy gay?

He went to Spanaway Lake High School at first, but then he moved to Tacoma and went to Foss High School. They moved to Las Vegas so they could be near his grandma, who was sick. Jo Koy went to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, but dropped out to do stand-up comedy.

Is Jo Koy gay?

No, he is not gay, since you asked. The comic has been straight his whole life, and there is no proof to back up the claims that he is gay.

Jo hasn’t said what he wants in a partner, but he hasn’t had a romantic relationship with a guy before. But we do know that he has dated a lot of women and was once married to one of them.

In addition, he has a son with his ex-wife.

Where Did the Reports About Him Being Gay Come From?

Both men and women admire the star because he is good-looking and has a good body. In the same way, he was on TV and shows a lot. When he was on Chelsea Handler’s late-night show, she made fun of him for saying he was gay. People started to wonder if he wasn’t gay, but that’s not true. Those were just jokes.

Jo has never been shown to be a member of the LGBT group. In fact, he dated Chelsea, the person who said he was gay.

After People Said He Was Gay, He Started Dating Chelsea

Handler made jokes about Jo’s sexuality, but she ended up dating him years after that. In September 2021, they posted about their affair on Instagram.

Is Jo Koy gay?

Before they started dating, they were friends for more than 20 years. This is one reason why they got along so well. Jo said on the Late Late Show with Jimmy Fallon,

“If I fell in love at 46, there’s hope for everyone else in the world,” I said.

In July 2022, almost a year after starting their new life together, they broke up because they didn’t agree on a few things. Chelsea talked about why they broke up in a podcast with Brooke Shields called “Now What.” She said that even though things seemed great, they couldn’t agree on anything.

“I’m not going to change how I act to make you feel better. I’m not going to do that, and I had to leave a relationship that I really thought would last forever. “So, that was hard.”

They are still good friends, though, and they talk about each other’s lives from time to time.

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The Wedding of Jo Koy and Angie

He was married to the Filipino-American singer Angie King before. After falling in love in the mid-1990s, the couple got married in Nevada in February 2003.

When they got married, Jo was at the top of his field, and on April 21, 2003, they had their first child. They gave their child Jo’s real name, which is Joseph Glenn Herbert Jr., as a name.

Is Jo Koy gay?

Sad to say, as the years went by, the couple didn’t seem to be very happy in their marriage, so on the tenth anniversary of their wedding in 2013, they split up. Even though they are no longer together, the ex-spouses get along great and raised their son together until he was an adult.

He is Very Close to His Son

The performer loves his only son very much and takes him to many of his shows. Little Joe has also made it a habit to go to his dad’s shows and get made fun of, but he doesn’t mind at all.

Besides that, he likes it, and he might even become a comic himself.


Jo Koy, an American stand-up comic and actor, has been the subject of gay rumors for over 20 years. He has been straight his whole life and has not had a romantic relationship with anyone. He has dated several women and was once married to one. Jo Koy has never been shown to be a member of the LGBT group.

He has been friends with Chelsea Handler, who made jokes about his sexuality, but they ended up dating years later. Jo and Angie King were married in 2003 and had their first child. Although they split in 2013, they still have a son together. Jo Koy is close to his son and enjoys being made fun of by his father.

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