Is Ken Rosato Gay? Sorting Fact from Fiction About His Sexual Identity

Ken Rosato’s name has always been associated with trustworthiness and authority in the world of broadcast journalism. For years, he has been able to keep people’s attention with his incredible skill and unwavering commitment to reporting the news. But behind the applause and the spotlight, the rumors keep going: What’s Ken Rosato’s sexual orientation?

In this investigation into Ken Rosato’s life, we set out on a quest for knowledge while keeping in mind the value of confidentiality and discretion. Understanding the nuances and complexity of a person’s sexual orientation is essential as we make our way through the realm of hypothesis and inquiry.

To find the answer to this topic that has captivated the interest of so many, we invite you to follow us as we sift through the various accounts and facts. Is it true that Ken Rosato is gay?

Who is Ken Rosato?

American journalist Ken Rosato was the morning anchor on WABC-TV from 2007 until 2023 when he was let go. After completing high school at New York City’s Regis, Rosato enrolled in New York University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Film, Television, and Radio. After finishing his undergrad work, he went on to earn an MA in both Spanish and Italian.

Rosato was a news anchor and reporter for WNYW-TV (New York City) from 2002 to 2003 before joining WABC-TV. Rosato worked at WFOR-TV in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida from 1998 and 2002, alongside anchors Jeff Pegues and Phil Lipof. Rosato has been on WLIW21’s “WLIW 21 Edition” as a panelist as well.

Is Ken Rosato Gay?

Rosato was the principal anchor and News Director for WBLI-FM on Long Island (where he was known as “Ken Rhodes”) and WLNY-TV in New York (which is now owned by CBS), in addition to his job as an anchor for 1010 WINS Radio in New York City.

Is Ken Rosato Gay?

Yes, Ken Rosato is a proud gay man. After years of trying to keep his private life out of the spotlight, Rosato’s sexuality was verified when he was sacked from WABC for using a racial slur on a hot mic while co-hosting.

His husband’s Instagram posts about their happy marriage of 24 years confirm his homosexuality. This suggests that he has always identified as gay.

Is Ken Rosato Married?

Yes, Chris Sobel and Ken Rosato have been married since August 2016. The couple will have been together for 24 years by the middle of May 2023. “It’s our 24th anniversary today,” Sobel wrote next to a picture of him and Rosato. “So it’s been 24 years. “Always to go!”

Rosato and Sobel are not parents. But they do take care of two Pomeranians, whose names are Penny and Coby. Sobel’s Instagram page has a lot of pictures of the fired TV anchor. On the other hand, Rosato rarely talks about Sobel on her social media pages.

Page Six says that Rosato worked as a priest at The Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Community, which a group of Catholics from South Florida started. The church’s goal statement said, “People can feel free to come to our masses knowing they will not be judged for their human flaws.”

Is Ken Rosato Gay?

It was aimed at Catholics who didn’t follow all the rules. The church didn’t mind if people used birth control, got divorced, or were in LGBTQ+ relationships, which Roman Catholic churches don’t like. Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal got married in October 2007. Ken Rosato was the one in charge. The co-anchor Rosato offended, Shirleen Allicot, thought of Rosato as her work husband. Allicot wrote on Facebook in December 2017:

“Big shout out to my work husband Ken Rosato!! A lobster truffle pie, just for me??? Are you kidding me?!!! And 10 other pies for the rest of the newsroom. Wow. It was so delicious. Thank you!! Feeling lots of morning show love. Happy Holidays everyone! Xoxo.”

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Ken Rosato and His Hubby Are Celebrating Their 24th Wedding Anniversary After ABC7 Was Fired

After being fired from ABC7, Ken Rosato has been spending time with his husband.

Spouse Chris Sobel shared an Instagram photo of the couple on Saturday with the statement, “It’s our 24th anniversary today. That’s a decline of 24 years. Took an eon!

Rosato, 56, lost his job after being caught on a hot mic criticizing a coworker, and the next day, the news was widely published online, along with a social media shoutout.

The former “Eyewitness News This Morning” host was fired after it was uncovered that he had called Shirleen Allicot a “c-t.”

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Ken Rosato is a proud gay man who was sacked from WABC for using a racial slur while co-hosting. His husband’s Instagram posts confirm his homosexuality, suggesting he has always identified as gay.

Chris Sobel and Ken Rosato have been married for 24 years and take care of two Pomeranians, but Rosato rarely talks about Sobel on her social media pages.

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