The Truth About Damiano David’s Sexuality: Is He Gay?

Damiano David was finally open about his relationship status. He allegedly has a queer past. Learn more about his companion in the article’s body. Damiano, an up-and-coming Italian singer, is quickly becoming a fan favorite. He fronts the rock band Maneskin as their lead singer.

His group has triumphed in a number of singing competitions. He is widely regarded as one of Italy’s best singers. He caused a stir when he was allegedly stoned onstage.

Who is Damiano David?

David was born in Rome, Italy on January 8th, 1999. His mother, Daniele David, and his grandmother, Rosa Scognamiglio, are both in the aviation industry. David and his older brother were able to do a lot of traveling at an early age because their parents were in the diplomatic and business sectors, respectively.

When David was six years old, he discovered his voice and began singing. While attending the same exclusive high school, he made two friends for life in Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi. This collective eventually morphed into a band known as Maneskin.

is damiano david gay

He used to be very into basketball when he was little. Until 17, he was the point guard for the local basketball team Eurobasket Roma. At that moment, he opted to focus only on his singing career. He credits basketball with teaching him the discipline that helped him succeed in other areas.

Is Damiano David Gay?

Several people assumed that Damiano David, the singer of the band Maneskin, was gay. but the question has finally been answered definitively. He definitely isn’t gay, so you can stop worrying about that now. Damiano does not identify as gay. There have been many persistent rumors about the singer’s love life. He recently announced his relationship status to the world.

Damiano has been with Giorgia Solari, his girlfriend of four years. The musician went public with his long-term partner almost a month ago. He elaborated that the couple had been seeing one other in secret for four years. As a result, they didn’t start dating until 2017.

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Damiano’s Been With His Model Girlfriend Giorgia Soleri for Four Years

Damiano turned to Maneskin drummer Ethan Torchio after hearing that they had won Eurovision 2021 and put a passionate kiss on his lips. He kissed Thomas Raggi passionately before turning back to his desk. Concerns were raised about David’s sexuality after the kisses.

is damiano david gay

Damiano After four years together, David and Giorgia Soleri can safely rule out the possibility that he is gay. Before Damiano’s revelation in early 2021, the couple had maintained their relationship in secret.

Damiano David Career

Damiano David attended Rome’s Liceo Linguistico Eugenio Montale for a year before deciding to drop out and pursue a career in music instead. Fortunately, His Parents Supported Him in His Choice.

David’s performance style was deemed too pop the first time he auditioned for Maneskin, therefore he was cut. Despite this, he kept at it and was eventually accepted into the group.

Victoria De Angelis’ Danish ancestry inspired the use of her name, which means “moonlight” in Danish.


The band first performed together in 2016, beginning with street performances in Room. They gained widespread recognition in Italy after auditioning for the Italian version of “X Factor” the following year. They won the popular vote but came in second place.

The band continued its momentum in 2018 by releasing its debut album, il Ballo Della Vita. They kept going on the road for the rest of 2018 and 2019. Their second studio album, titled “Teatro D’ira: Vol. I,” was released that year (2021).


Damiano David is an up-and-coming Italian singer who fronts the rock band Maneskin. He is widely regarded as one of Italy’s best singers and caused a stir when he was allegedly stoned onstage. He was born in Rome, Italy in 1999 and his mother and grandmother are both in the aviation industry.

He discovered his voice at six and made two friends for life in Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi. He credits basketball with teaching him discipline.

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