Is Joshua Basset Gay? The Rumors about Bassett Sexual Orientation

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which has been heavily altered for Disney+, is about to launch Joshua Bassett’s professional career. Fans are wondering if they should assume the young star is gay because he just made news for calling a member of One Direction hot. A lot of people think this is Joshua’s “coming out” video because he seems so into the singer of “Watermelon Sugar.”

One of the most talked-about performers of late, thanks to his portrayal as Ricky Bowen, has been effusive in his praise of fellow British musician Harry Styles. Bassett claims that Harry Styles is a decent person who doesn’t blabber on too often but makes an impact whenever he does.

He praised him for being “cool,” “got,” and “charming,” among other things. Jokingly, Joshua Bassett said that it was also his exit from the video. Is the High School Musical: The Musical, Series star coming out as gay in this video, or is he simply as smitten with Harry Styles as the rest of us?

Who is Joshua Basset?

A singer, songwriter, and actor, Joshua Taylor Bassett hail from the United States. His breakout role as Ricky Bowen in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has made him a household name.

Bassett’s parents, Taylor and Laura, raised him in Oceanside. He was educated at home among his five sisters.

Is Joshua Basset Gay

At the age of eight, he made his theatrical debut in a community theater performance of High School Musical on Stage!, more than a decade before he was cast as Ricky in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Bassett has been in almost 30 musicals since then. When he was 16, he packed up his belongings and drove to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Take a Look at Joshua Basset Instagram

Is Joshua Basset Gay?

Joshua Bassett is bisexual, and he is glad he decided to tell people about his sexuality.

High School Musical: Musical: The Series actor and songwriter discusses the “coming-out video” Instagram post in a GQ interview. Bassett revealed his sexual orientation in a “coming-out” video, saying, “People have shamed me for things they don’t know about.”

Twenty-year-old Bassett claims to identify with the LGBTQ+ group. All the things I stated were true, I insisted. The star claims he finally had the opportunity to “express something I believe in.” After some reflection, he adds, “Even if there are consequences, I would much rather deal with consequences and live my truth than live in fear.”

As a Kid, Joshua Suffered Sexual Abuse!

Bassett revealed his history of sexual abuse as a youngster and adolescent in an interview conducted the same day. Although he has yet to do so publicly, Bassett has previously stated that a family member abused him when he was 5 to 9 years old and that an older man in one of his theater groups abused him when he was a teenager.

Is Joshua Basset Gay

The shock “kept me from processing a lot of stuff,” he says. “I’m still in the process and I suppose it will continue for the rest of my life, but I’m learning to peel back the layers,” he said.

Bassett hopes that by sharing his experience, he will aid others.

It upsets him that people keep asking him why he didn’t do anything. “When your computer is put into freeze mode, it entirely powers down. What would happen to someone in a small town if someone with my level of influence were to be treated that way? Until this is a distant memory, I won’t stop bringing it up.

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Who’s Joshua Bassett Dating?

Joshua Bassett Girlfriend, As of April 2023, Joshua Basset is all by himself. Songs released by Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Basset dispel rumors that he was involved in a love triangle with Sabrina Carpenter and her friend Olivia.

Bassett claims that he is not yet ready for a new love after a year of fresh starts. I’m not interested in dating,” he says. Since I’ve been putting so much effort into bettering myself, I can only focus on myself at the moment.

Thus in the absence of romantic love, it is the little things that bring him the most joy. He even adds donuts in that statement. If your wildest fantasies come true, that can make you feel just as good. As you come to appreciate the uniqueness of each moment, you’ll be able to find contentment wherever you go.

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Joshua Bassett is a singer, songwriter, and actor from the United States. He recently made news for calling One Direction member Harry Styles “hot” in a “coming out” video. Bassett is bisexual and has been in almost 30 musicals since then.

He claims to identify with the LGBTQ+ group and is glad he decided to tell people about his sexuality. He believes he would rather deal with consequences and live his truth than live in fear.

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