War Sailor Ending Explained: What Happens Between Alfred and Sigbjrn?

The film “War Sailor” is fascinating and powerful, taking viewers through the dangers of combat at sea. The film is about a crew of World War II-era sailors who embark on a perilous mission in the Pacific. The emotional and physical costs of war are examined, along with ideas of duty and devotion.

Nonetheless, the ending of the film raises more issues than it answers for many viewers. In this piece, we’ll analyze the ending of “War Sailor” and break down exactly what happened and what it all means. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare to plunge headfirst into the film’s climactic sequence.

War Sailor Plot Summary

In 1939, the world was on the verge of another devastating war. Both Alfred Garnes and his friend Sigbjorn Kavalvag were having trouble obtaining work and realized that they would need to take on high-paying positions if they were to provide for their families. Sigbjorn had requested Alfred to join a maritime crew, but he was unsure whether or not to accept the offer.

They would have to cruise around the world if they worked for the shipping company, which was not a good idea in light of recent events. Alfred was never sure if it was preferable to die of starvation or at the hands of a German U-boat (submarine), which posed a constant threat to the ships at sea. Neither seemed particularly noble, so Alfred picked the one that would give him the best chance to make a living and support his family.

Afraid that Cecilia would be upset with him for abandoning them, Alfred told her about his plans to spend 18 months sailing around the world. Cecilia, however, was a sensible woman who saw that her husband’s decisions were always made with their best interests in mind. Alfred’s daughter Maggie did not take his departure well.

She had been reading about the bombing of Norwegian ships and did not want her father to face the same fate. Maggie worried that her father would endanger his life by traveling to a country experiencing civil strife. Something was bothering her, and she wanted to prevent her father from leaving at all costs.

War Sailor Ending Explained

Did Cecilia and Her Kids Make It Through the Bombings?

Despite Alfred’s warnings, Sigbjrn still seeks him out when he has recovered from his injuries. All embassies, consulates, and high-ranking government officials are contacted by him. Regrettably, no one has been successful in locating Alfred.

So Sigbjrn returns to Bergen, where he finds out that Cecilia and her kids are doing OK. Cecilia and her kids fled to a woodsy cottage just as the British were about to resume their bombing.

War Sailor ending explained

Sigbjrn stops by to update them on Alfred. Cecilia and her kids aren’t shocked by the news; they’ve known about Alfred’s death before and it hasn’t affected anything.

Will Alfred Survive?

Cecilia is happy to have Sigbjrn visit her. He will remain just till he finds gainful employment elsewhere. No matter how hard they attempt to suppress it, Sigbjrn and Cecilia’s sexual tension continues to rise.

Cecilia had been single her entire life save for brief periods spent waiting for Alfred. Until Cecilia makes the first move, Sigbjrn remains faithful to his friend to the best of his ability.

They share a bed, and for a while, it seems like Sigbjrn has taken Alfred’s place. The embassy eventually writes to Sigbjrn to let him know that they have tracked down Alfred to Singapore.

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Sigbjrn initially tries to keep the letter from his best friend, Cecilia, but he eventually realizes that he can’t. He intends to fulfill his vow to Cecilia from long ago that he would return with Alfred in one piece. To accomplish this, he travels to Singapore in search of Alfred.

What Happens Once Alfred Gets Home?

Alfred has made a hash of things in Singapore. At first, he avoids engaging Sigbjrn in conversation. He decides to return home after finding that his loved ones are doing fine. This time, though, Sigbjrn decides to stay behind. Sigbjrn decides to go in a new direction.

War Sailor ending explained

Despite his return, Alfred has trouble adjusting to life at home. Olav, his youngest kid, misses Sigbjrn and has a hard time accepting his biological father because he doesn’t feel the same love for him that he did with Cecilia.

As Alfred disappeared, he also won’t be paid in full for his time aboard the ship. He was now on their deserter’s roster. Because of this, it will be difficult for him to obtain the funds.

What Happens Between Alfred and Sigbjrn?

When many years have passed, Alfred’s best buddy Sigbjrn pays him a visit on the occasion of his 70th birthday in the year 1972. The number of Alfred’s loved ones has increased. Maggie has a daughter and a career as a teacher. William is an oil sector worker, and Olav, the youngest, attends college in Oslo.

On the other hand, Sigbjrn has been a sailor for as long as he can remember. Cecilia, after meeting Sigbjrn, heads straight into the kitchen.


Best friends now have trouble keeping up a conversation and avoiding eye contact with one another. Sigbjrn decides to depart after learning that his best friend is aware of what’s going on.

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