Unleash Your Inner Fool: The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks to Play with Friends and Family

The day of April 1st is made for goofing around with friends. Today is the day to unleash your inner fool and play the funniest practical jokes you can think of with your friends and family. There is no shortage of hilarious pranks to play on your friends, and they can range in complexity from the simple to the complex.

There is no shortage of practical jokes to play on your friends on April 1st, from fake spiders to food switches. Prepare to have your pranking abilities tested by reading up on some great jokes to play on your buddies on April 1st.

1. Conversations Over Coffee

It’s possible that an April Fools’ Day trick could be considered cruel if the target relies on their morning java. Substitute the salt for sugar in this tried-and-true con, and watch your mark’s face as they drink their first cup of coffee with a startled expression.

You might want to have some freshly brewed, sugar-sweetened coffee on hand in case things become heated here. Nonetheless, I think everyone will find these April Fools’ Day jokes hilarious.

2. Fake Lottery Ticket

Pranking your pals with this may be a lot of fun. You can fool your friend into thinking they won the lottery if you just print out a phony ticket and display it to them.

april fools pranks for friends

3. Juice Joke

Does anyone have a thirst? Your loved ones will be surprised to discover that what they thought was juice was Jell-O when they try to drink it.

4. Bugs in the Ice

This classic practical joke is simple to recreate at home. Put some plastic bugs in the ice cube trays and fill them almost with hot water. When water freezes, the clarity of the resulting ice depends on its temperature.

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5. Pillow Fight

Once April 1st was done, another joke was played on everyone. Take out the pillows and stuff the empty pillowcases with balloons. You’ll get the final laugh on April 1st, and they’ll realize it when they go to bed. Taking the balloons out of a child’s room before they fall asleep is a common courtesy, especially for smaller kids.

6. Bad wrap

Put some silly string all over a loved one’s automobile after you’ve wrapped it in plastic wrap. (But don’t go letting loose with the silly string all over the car; it could scratch the paint!) Unwrapping it may seem like a daunting task, but if you cut it in half, it will fall off in no time.

april fools pranks for friends

7. Dirty job

Here’s a terrific one… Make a sweet that resembles a cup of dirt, complete with worms: Scoop pudding, ice cream, or whipped topping into the bottom of the cup. Next, on top of that, sprinkle a half cup of crushed Oreo cookies (only the chocolate cookie component). Add some creepy, sugary gummy worms poking their heads out of the top of the goodie. It could pass for something you dug up in the garden, but trust us—it tastes great!

8. Switching Toothpaste

This April Fool’s Day, for fun, tries giving your kids the adult version of toothpaste. Give them a toothbrush after breakfast, but replace the typical white paste with something white, creamy, and…sweet. It’s not necessary to go out of your way to find a special frosting; cream cheese or vanilla can do the trick.

9. The Message on the Toilet Roll

Spread out the toilet paper and prank the next user with a clever message. You may say something like, “You’re going to wash your hands, right?” Rewind the toilet paper and see whether anyone got the hint.

10. The Glue Prank

Take your fashion-forward pal’s empty nail polish bottle and fill it with glue for a fun DIY project. They would be putting glue on their nails instead of nail lacquer.

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