Chris Hemsworth’s Incredible Transformation Into Thor: The Workout and Diet Plan That Got Him There!

Chris Hemsworth’s metamorphosis into Thor’s hulking bulk was remarkable. King of Asgard and Earth, he rose from being the greatest hammer-wielding superhero to that position. Although he already possessed the features and acting chops necessary to portray a god, he did require some assistance in acquiring the ideal physique befitting a Norse demigod.

Have you ever wondered what Chris Hemsworth did to get into Thor shape?

Chris Hemsworth Workout Routine

Hemsworth underwent traditional bodybuilding training with former US Navy SEAL Duffy Gaver in preparation for the first Thor film. The majority of his time spent exercising with Duffy was spent working on his arms and shoulders.

Traditional bodybuilding and functional training were the mainstays of Chris Hemsworth’s exercise routine.


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Hemsworth did a lot of weightlifting to get in shape so that he could do his own stunts and surf without getting knocked around too much. Thor needed a lot of upper body strength, so Hemsworth focused on that.

Some of the moves he incorporates into his routine are:

In his bodyweight circuit training, he performs movements such as pull-ups (for the back), sit-ups (for the abdominals), and push-ups (for the chest and shoulders). So that his hamstrings get a good workout, he also does box jumps. He uses only his own body weight to perform squats.

He plays with weights by bench pressing for chest and shoulders, standing military presses for chest and shoulders, deadlifting for hamstrings and biceps, and curling dumbbells for biceps.

Chris Hemsworth Diet

Luke Zocchi, Hemsworth’s personal trainer, recommended that the actor consume six small meals each day, every two to three hours. The actor had some time to rest his digestive system before his next meal. Zocchi sent Hemsworth to the gym to build muscle mass.

Chris Hemsworth is particularly concerned about his protein consumption, so he loaded up on lean protein before and during production for Thor.

The following are examples of foods he likes:

White meat chicken, fish (particularly tuna), steak, avocado, cottage cheese, grains (especially brown rice), and legumes are all good options.

Chris Hemsworth transformation

Chris Hemsworth claims that his daily breakfast consists of oats, a banana, sultanas, fat-free milk, and egg whites. He also has a protein shake, orange juice, nuts, a turkey roll, and cottage cheese for breakfast.

He eats chicken breasts and brown rice for lunch, followed by a beef jerky snack later in the day. Salmon fillets, quinoa, asparagus, and fat-free milk make up his typical evening meal. He typically has hard-boiled eggs, brown bread, and a protein shake for supper.

Chris Hemsworth Takeaway

It’s no secret that the actor often trains for his films by putting in long hours at the gym. Yet, Hemsworth has progressed physically in more ways than one, and everyone may take a cue from his example.

Whether or not you have aspirations of achieving Thor-like proportions, Hemsworth’s training regimen is a great illustration of how to get those results without resorting to elaborate apparatus. If you commit to a program of cardio, compound lifts, and free weights, you should see results in no time.

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