Zodiac Signs Who Provide the Greatest Intimacy Advice to Their Friends

Many individuals essentially define “intimacy” as a sexual relationship. While sometimes this is the case, it is not always the situation. Friendship, sympathy, and a strong emotional investment in another person are often overlooked as necessary ingredients for intimacy.

After all, it’s only natural for lovers to worry about each other intensely during passionate moments. Nonetheless, many people keep their difficulties in the sack to themselves because of the taboos surrounding sex education and intimacy.

For this reason, many of their friends turn to the following zodiac signs, who always have their friends’ best interests at heart and offer sound counsel on how to improve their romantic relationships.

1. Taurus

When it comes to intimate relationships, Taurus is a sensual person who knows the importance of sharing the ideas and sensations that each partner is experiencing.

Zodiac Signs Who Provide the Greatest Intimacy Advice to Their Friends

In order to help their closest friends keep their relationships interested, they give them some of the sexiest advice they can think of. When it comes to their own relationships, the Bull is all about kisses and hugs and other sorts of non-sexual physical closeness.

2. Cancer

Even if they aren’t feeling particularly helpful, Cancers make great sensual counsel. They are great at giving their best friend pointers on how to ease into light physical touch at the outset of a relationship. Emotions, intimacy, and physical connection are all linked for this water sign couple.

3. Pisces

Pisceans have a complete understanding of how beneficial physical and emotional health may be from even non-sexual forms of closeness.

Zodiac Signs Who Provide the Greatest Intimacy Advice to Their Friends

They are masters at encouraging their buddies to stay together by sparking an emotionally resonant closeness between them. They think that showing affection and caring for one’s partner is essential for a healthy romantic relationship.

4. Leo

Leo is the first friend to break the news to the others that physical intimacy is simply being in the same place and at the same time, as on a date. But, it is as crucial for partners to express their feelings for one another emotionally.

After all, the Lion has first-hand experience with the benefits of being vulnerable with one another while trying to form a lasting physical relationship.

Get in touch with someone born under one of these signs the next time you’re looking for advice on how to improve your romantic life. They let couples talk openly about their desires, fetishes, and vulnerabilities, eliminating a common source of tension in relationships.


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