Zodiac Signs and Barbie Characters: Discover Which Doll Matches Your Personality from Libra to Pisces!

In this article, I’ll tell you which Barbie character you are based on your zodiac sign, which ranges from Libra to Pisces. Because Her Campus is a female-only publication, I’ll be comparing the characters to the characteristics of each Zodiac woman. I’d also like to point out that I’m not an astrologer, so please don’t take this literally. This is just for fun, so I hope you can relate!


Libras need balance and harmony in their lives, which is why the scales are their zodiac sign. Libra women are naturally good at making peace, and they look for harmony in all parts of their lives because they feel responsible for making the world a peaceful place. People often make fun of Elena because she is a fairy without wings.

Elena doll

This is because she is a Libra. She doesn’t fight back. Instead, she stays calm and is determined to beat Laverna. Elena is kind, brave, and strong. She helps her fairy and mermaid friends find their way. She always has hope and comes up with great ideas when things are hard. Don’t spend too much time trying to make things even. You don’t have to make everyone happy, so try to give yourself some time every now and then.


Due to their intensity and tendency to be harsh, Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs. Scorpios can be stubborn, but they also have a lot of passion and strength. Since they are fire signs, it’s not surprising that they are strong and willing to fight for the people they love. They are brave, optimistic, and hopeful, just like Princess Annika.


Annika didn’t want to do what her parents told her to do, so she sneaked out of the palace to go skating in the village. She was often angry and quick to act, which made things worse. Annika never gave up on finding the Wand of Light, no matter how stubborn she was. Wenlock’s spell would have hurt her family and kingdom if she hadn’t been so brave. If you try to be more aware of your more rigid traits, I’m sure your relationships will get better.


The archer is the sign of Sagittarius. One of their best qualities is that they can do things on their own. These women are bold, brave, and daring, so they are always looking for new things to learn. You don’t want to mess with these women because they are ready to fight until the end. Corinne is like a Sagittarius woman because she wants to be a musketeer, even though she was told that girls couldn’t do that.

corinne barbie

When things are hard, she doesn’t let other people bring her down. Corinne just wants to be appreciated for her skills, because she is living her dreams. No matter what other people think, Sagittarius women can do anything they set their minds to. Even though being independent is a good thing, it can be hard for these women to come to an agreement, so they should try to work as a team.


These women understand power instinctively. They are one of the most serious, hardworking, and ambitious signs of the zodiac. Capricorn women are always trying to do better and do what’s right. Liana is a Capricorn woman because she has these qualities. She is kind, loyal, and a natural leader. When Liana and her best friend Alexa find the mansion in the forest, Alexa gets tired of trying to save Melody and wants to give up.

liana barbie doll

Liana doesn’t care about herself, and she remembers that she promised to find the Diamond Castle. Capricorn women sometimes want to be perfect, which makes them feel bad when they don’t. Don’t let your failures get you down, because they only make you stronger.


Aquarius women are truthful and stay true to themselves. They are kind and caring to the people they care about most, especially their families. Aquarius women are like Rapunzel because she is honest, can think outside the box, and is always upbeat, all of which helped her get out of Gothel’s tower. Rapunzel looks out for Penelope, Hobie, and Prince Stefan, who are her friends.

rapunzel doll

She is so kind that she would trade being a prisoner again for her friends’ lives. Rapunzel is patient with Gothel and doesn’t complain very often. Even though Rapunzel was mistreated by Gothel, she forgives her. This lets her put an end to her abusive past. Keep in touch with your feelings, let your creativity out, and always have faith in yourself.


People say that Pisces women learn everything they can. Their big dreams and strong imaginations can help them follow their artistic dreams. Odette is like a Pisces woman because she is kind and caring. Odette is shy and doesn’t know much about herself at first, so she gives the magic crystal back to the Fairy Queen. But in the Enchanted Forest, she finds her inner confidence and shows how selfless she is by being brave and caring about her friends.


When Rothbart attacks Prince Daniel, she doesn’t think twice about coming to his aid. Odette breaks Rothbart’s spell in the end and finds out that she is braver than she thought. This sign is naturally caring, and they will do almost anything for the people around them. People might try to take advantage of you, but you need to learn to be in charge and remember that your needs are important too.

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