Find Your Barbie Alter Ego: Which Doll Matches Based on Your Zodiac Sign, From Aries to Virgo?

I used to watch Barbie movies when I was younger, and I’ve been missing them lately. I didn’t realize how good Barbie movies are until I watched some of them again. These movies are great works of art. The stories were well thought out, the animation was gorgeous, and the shows always sent positive messages to their young female audience.

These movies had a considerable impact on my childhood, as I’m sure they did on others. In this article, I will be listing which Barbie character you are based on your zodiac sign. Since Her Campus is only written by women, I’ll compare the characters to the traits of each Zodiac woman. I also want to say that I’m not an astrologer, so don’t take what I say literally. This is just for entertainment, so I hope you can relate!



One of the fire signs is Aries. These women are willing to take risks and are driven, determined, and natural leaders. Like Barbie in “A Fashion Fairytale,” they have a great sense of style. Aries women are brave and driven enough to jump right into the toughest situations. In A Fashion Fairytale, Barbie doesn’t think twice about helping her Aunt Millicent save her business, which is failing.

Athena Barbie

Aries women know how valuable they are. Barbie has these traits because she stays confident the whole time in the movie. She also encourages one of her new friends, Marie-Alecia, to use her fashion design skills to help Marie-Alecia reach her goals. Just make sure to give yourself a break every once in a while, or you might burn out from being such a fiery inspiration.



It’s not surprising that this Earth sign is grounded and prefers to live a simple, comfortable life without a lot of glitz and glam. These women like working together and always want what’s best for those around them. They want to make sure that everyone’s needs are met, including their own.


Princess Rosella is a loyal and loving girl who is always looking out for her friends, just like a Taurus woman. Rosella will sing Tika the elephant lullabies or show Tallulah the monkey how to climb trees again. We love a Taurus woman’s laid-back attitude, but they should watch out for people who try to take advantage of it.



Gemini is represented by the Roman number II, which looks like two people holding hands. Who else is a good match for the Gemini woman beside Princess Annaliese? These women like things that are exciting and different. They get bored easily and would rather go looking for something new than stay home and enjoy the comforts and simple pleasures of life.


Princess Annaliese was able to change, just like a Gemini, because she was smart, curious, and skilled. She is also brave and likes to try new things because she dreams of being free from her royal duties. Annaliese becomes very smart and resourceful when she is taken. After finding the geodes in the royal mines, she is not afraid to share her ideas with the kingdom about how to start a new business when the gold is stolen. It’s important for people born under this sign to remember that they have responsibilities to other people and to never lose faith in themselves.



Cancer women know what makes them different from other people. They are very intuitive and caring, and they can feel the energy in a room because of their psychic abilities. In the same way, Blair works hard, looks out for others, and is loyal. She knows she has to take care of her sick mother and little sister, so she works long hours to pay for it.


Blair sometimes feels shy and left out, but she keeps telling herself that no one can make her feel bad about herself unless you let them. When they feel scared, Cancer women sometimes act like crabs and hide in their shells. It’s important not to let this make you feel bad about yourself. When Blair feels scared, she thinks about who she really is: Princess Sophia. This gives her more confidence.



These ambitious fire signs, which are shown by the Lion, want to be successful. They love to let people know they are there. Leo women are loyal and will always stand up for their family and friends. Princess Merliah is the perfect example of a Leo because she loves to celebrate her success as a professional surfer. She is also tough, proud, and a competitor.


Merliah can sometimes put her own needs ahead of those of others, but in the end, she always does the right thing. She learns to be proud of being a mermaid and still has time for her mermaid and human friends. Leo women should learn from their mistakes and be willing to listen to what other people have to say.



A Virgo woman is most interested in the future. They look at life in a way that is logical, practical, and organized. This Earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and doesn’t mind practicing hard and often to get better at what she does. Princess Genevieve is a Virgo because she thinks in a logical, strategic way. She found the Grand Pavilion in the first place because she was smart and creative.


Genevieve can beat her father at any kind of chess game, and she keeps practicing dancing to be the best. Genevieve was able to save her father and sisters from Rowena’s evil plans because she was good at making plans. These women can be perfectionists, but they can also think too much. Try to stay more in the present and enjoy it.

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