The Lunar Love Quest: Unveiling the Moon Phase Soulmate Trend on TikTok!

Whether you’ve been on a few dates with a new person or have been with the same person for months or even years, you may wonder at some point, “Is this person my one true love?”

There are many ways to try to answer this question. You could look at how compatible your zodiac star signs are or how compatible your Chinese astrology signs are. You could also ask an expert. But now there is a TikTok trend that says you only need to know your partner’s date of birth to know if they are your perfect lifelong partner.

It’s become so popular on the social media site that, at the time this article was written, videos about the “moon phase” had more than 147 million views, and that number was still growing as people tried to figure out if their loved one was the one.

So, what is the moon phrase trend, how can you use it yourself, and can it really tell if someone is your soulmate?

How Does the Moon Phase Trend Work, and What is It?

The moon phase is easy to understand. You just take your date of birth and the date of birth of your partner or love interest and look at the website Your Moon Phase to see what the moon looked like on each of your birthdays.

moon phase TikTok trend

The next step is to put the pictures together, which is the most important part. When the two pictures are put together, if they make a full moon, you are said to be soulmates. If, on the other hand, the moon shapes don’t fit together well to make a full moon, that’s a sign that the couple isn’t meant to be together.

Where Did the Moon Phases Thing Start?

Lynne and Brooke Ingalls, a mother, and daughter from the United States, set up the site Your Moon Phase. They say on their site that they are following their passion. “There’s no doubt that the moon and stars guide and affect our lives,” they said.

They say that they worked closely with an expert astrologer, a mathematician, and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington to map out what each phase of the moon looks like. Then, they all worked together to come up with a secret way to figure out the phase of the moon on any given day.

How Can I Get in on the Moon Phase Trend?

moon phase TikTok trend

You can try out the moon phase trend for yourself by using the moon phase calculator to put in your birthdates. This is broken down by day of birth, month of birth, year of birth, and place of birth.

Does the Moon Phase Trend Really Work?

Some TikTok users have made videos that show how well their moon phase and their partner’s moon phase go together. In the video descriptions, they talk about how well they and their partner go together. Someone called the trend “so freaking cute,” and someone else said, “I guess the stars and the moon were in the right place.” Another person said that they changed the idea to make it work for their family. They said, “Ours are crescents on opposite sides, but our daughter’s moon is complete.”

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